Junfeng Customized Luxury Taxi

August 7, 2023
Latest company news about Junfeng Customized Luxury Taxi

Driving the "VOYAH" model is a symbol of successful identity, and riding the "VOYAH" model is the pride of the upper class. If the vehicle is used for public rental, it must be giving back "success+identity+confidence" to society and the public.

Based on this concept, Junfeng Company, together with Dongfeng Voyah Technology Company, has developed a high-end bridge car version of the "Online Taxi" for overseas markets on the basis of the "Race the sun" model, to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets. Currently, Junfeng Company has signed multiple overseas orders.

The "Race the sun" of Voyah is a luxury electric sedan with all-around performance. It is also the first sedan created by the "VOYAH" car after the SUV "VOYAH" FREE and MPV "VOYAH" Dreamer. The "VOYAH" and "Race the sun" follow the design philosophy of the "VOYAH" brand "Kunpeng of Heaven and Earth", perfectly integrating traditional aesthetics with modern technology, moving without losing elegance.

The "VOYAH" and "Race the sun" are the first mass-produced model of VOYAH cars to be equipped with an ESSA+SOA intelligent electric bionic body. The leading technological architecture ensures that its performance in various dimensions such as performance, intelligence, luxury, and safety reaches excellent levels.

Appearance and interior: The front face design with light as wings, and the front face of "VOYAH" and "Race the sun" outlines the emotional design charm through simple lines. The closed grille design, combined with a wingspan logo that runs through the front headlights, continues the Kunpeng wingspan DNA family design. The front headlights using LED light sources are shaped like stars. The "VOYAH" and "Race the sun" have a low lying body posture and a sloping roof, embodying a sporty coupe style. At the same time, the slender body of the "VOYAH" light tracing gives drivers and passengers a wide and comfortable cabin space.

The "VOYAH" chasing through LED tail light group still continues the family gene of the "VOYAH" design, and the newly added red "sword shaped" light group is the finishing touch of the rear of the car. The VOYAH subtitle that shines in the center of the tail also further improves recognition.

Core technology: "VOYAH" and "Race the sun" are the first flagship intelligent electric sedan equipped with "ESSA+SOA intelligent electric biomimetic body". This "intelligent electric biomimetic body" consists of ESSA's native intelligent electric architecture and a central centralized SOA electronic and electrical architecture. In terms of power, the VOYAH "Race the sun" comes standard with a dual motor four-wheel drive system, with a maximum power of 160kW for the front motor and 215kW for the rear motor. The total system power is 375kW, approximately 510 horsepower. In terms of batteries, "VOYAH" and "Race the sun" will provide two types of batteries, with capacities of 82kWh and 109kWh respectively, corresponding to pure electric endurance processes of 580km and 730km, respectively. In addition, the "Race the sun" chassis adopts a front double wishbone+rear five link independent suspension, and is also equipped with CDC electromagnetic suspension, as well as 4D intelligent chassis technology. It can judge the driver's intention based on vehicle longitudinal acceleration, steering angle, and other information, and actively adjust the shock absorber damping.

Excellent configuration, intelligent cabin, Pengbai's power, and ultra long range make it the best choice for high-end "rental ride hailing".

Race the sun will live up to expectations.