Dongfeng Electric Vehicle "Harnessing Electricity and Breaking the Fire Road"

July 31, 2023
Latest company news about Dongfeng Electric Vehicle "Harnessing Electricity and Breaking the Fire Road"
Have you ever seen an electric car "riding the electric bike and riding the fire"? Maybe not? Junfeng Company will witness with you.
At the end of July, Dongfeng Group's Fengxing Thunder and "Armored Battery" successfully completed the first public safety test challenge of "Riding the Road of Fire" in China.
Through this TOP Grade safety test, Thunder has become the first pure electric vehicle in China to dare to openly challenge the "fiery journey" with its entire vehicle.
In order to test the heat resistance of batteries in high-temperature environments, Dongfeng Thunder, equipped with armored batteries, successfully traversed a 200 meter long flame road for 140 seconds at an average speed of 4km/h. The temperature of the vehicle chassis in contact with the panel reached as high as 900 ℃.
The results show that there is no Thermal runaway, the vehicle is in good condition and running function is normal. Compared to the national standard for direct burning of battery packs for 70 seconds, Dongfeng Thunder conducted a safety test of 140 seconds at the vehicle level, providing new reference value for testing battery safety technology.
Junfeng Company participated in the development of this model and witnessed the testing. Currently, Junfeng Company is promoting this model globally, which is the most anticipated model for around $20000, with the most advanced vehicle configuration and cost-effectiveness.