"Junfeng" grafted international technology and manufacturing capabilities to a higher level

March 30, 2021
On March 30, Junfeng Company and Shenlong Automobile Company reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will give full play to their respective advantages to carry out in-depth cooperation to promote the application of smart and new energy vehicles.

Shenlong Automobile Company is a joint venture between Dongfeng Motor Company and Stellatis Group (the world’s second largest automobile group after the merger of PAS and Fiat). The joint venture established by the strong alliance has a strong vitality, technology and resource background. In recent years, it has Catching up with the world's automobile wave, it has developed a series of new energy models, among which the "Fukang" new energy brand is very eye-catching.

As an innovative automobile development and application company, Junfeng Motor Company has closely followed the development of China's new energy vehicles in recent years, and has achieved gratitude in controlling core technologies, innovating business models, and exploring new ways of integrating new concepts and traditional factories. achievement.

As early as 2019, based on the development of the first-generation "Dongfeng Junfeng" coaching vehicle, Junfeng Company took the lead in participating in the development of the intelligent networked teaching test, charging, and battery swap version of pure electric vehicle definitions and explorations using the resources of Shenlong Automobile Company. Highly recognized by Shenlong, the current "Elysee" has left the gene of handsomeness, laying a solid foundation for the current strategic cooperation between the two parties. Today, the two parties have carried out in-depth cooperation, and will integrate different depths in the fields of model definition, design and manufacturing, and market promotion, so that the advantages of both parties can be better utilized and bear fruit soon.

The cooperation between the two parties will ultimately strive to expand the domestic and foreign markets, integrate more "Dragon" technologies and "Junfeng" concepts, and allow more cooperative models to enter the market.