"Junfeng" participated in the 3rd World New Energy Vehicle Conference

September 16, 2021
From September 15th to 17th, the 3rd World New Energy Vehicle Conference was held in Haikou, Hainan, and Junfeng Company sent staff to participate in the conference.

The three-day event will include 20 conferences, forums, technology exhibitions, and multiple concurrent events. Thousands of global political, industry, academic and research elites in the field of new energy vehicles will gather in Haikou to discuss hot issues.

On the afternoon of the 15th, the China-UK Carbon Neutral Coordinated Development Forum in the Transport Sector was held. The UK was invited as the guest of honor at this conference to co-host the forum with China to exchange and explore the goals and implementation approaches of carbon neutrality in the transport sector.

In the afternoon, 4 sessions including "Electrification Solutions in the Private Sector", "Technology Breakthroughs and Industrialization Development of Automotive Regulatory Chips", "Solutions and Development Prospects of Flying Vehicles", "Best Practices for the Integration of New Energy Vehicles and Renewable Energy", etc. were held. Theme summit.

This is the third consecutive year that Hainan has hosted the World New Energy Vehicle Conference. Junfeng company attaches great importance to it, sending staff to participate in the conference, sharing results, absorbing the essence, understanding the current situation, accumulating strength, and keeping up with the pace.


At present, the global automobile market is in a period of in-depth adjustment. Thanks to the strong promotion of governments and the continuous efforts of the industry, new energy vehicles are showing a good trend of growth against the trend. The goal is to reach a 50% share, and it is proposed to strive to achieve complete marketization of pure electric vehicles by 2025.

In order to further strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, accelerate the realization of the coordinated development of automobiles and energy, transportation, information and communication and other fields, accelerate the breakthrough of barriers to the marketization of new energy vehicles, and "advance marketization in an all-round way, accelerate cross-industry integration, and work together to achieve carbon neutrality" "Start a discussion on the theme.
Xin Guobin: The cost of new energy vehicles is still high

   At the conference that opened on September 16, Xin Guobin, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the development of our new energy automobile industry is facing many new problems and challenges, and we need to speed up analysis, research and judgment, and earnestly study and respond. First, the national carbon peak carbon neutral target puts forward new requirements for industrial development, and requires the joint efforts of the entire industry to coordinate the development of low-carbon industries, low-carbon products, low-carbon transportation, and low-carbon energy. Second, the impact of the epidemic poses new challenges to ensuring the safety of the industrial chain. How to balance safety and efficiency and optimize the industrial chain and supply chain has become a topic that the entire industry must answer. Third, there are still shortcomings in the industry itself, the cost of new energy vehicles is still high, and safety and reliability, low temperature adaptability, and ease of use still need to be improved. Power battery recycling channels are not open enough, the convenience of new energy vehicle power batteries, and the pressure of lithium and other ore resources and price increases.

   At this conference, the application of new energy vehicles, vehicle costs, flying cars, intelligent networking, chip solutions, etc. are the hot topics of discussion at the conference.