Junfeng paves the way for the establishment of an automobile ecological chain

August 5, 2020
(Report from Kunming on this website): Recently, the company's executives visited Chengdu, Guiyang, Kunming and other important towns in the southwest to understand the auto market and the market changes in auto use by users after auto industrialization, and to conduct research on innovative business models.

      In recent years, Junfeng Motor Company has been committed to building innovative business models, paying attention to and participating in all aspects of the ecological chain, including smart and new energy vehicle design, verification, sales, marketing models, after-services, and automobile leisure culture, in addition to industrialization. Extend the value chain of automobile application and bring more automobile scene business models to the society. The research activity led by the company’s chairman and participating in relevant experts from Dongfeng, relevant technology companies, and investment companies closely focused on field investigations in all links of the automotive ecological chain, and obtained a lot of valuable information and local characteristic application cases in various places. Junfeng Motor's overall design and innovative business model provides beneficial help.


       The three provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan in the southwest are the major provinces of automobile use, and are also the most innovative areas for automobile use business models. The special application environment of automobile economy, the demands of local economic development, and the market demand of related enterprises in the automobile industry have provided great impetus for this survey. Through this survey, the participants will form Junfeng Motor’s own ideas and consensus, relying on local advantages in the design of future business models, and create a business model for characteristic automotive applications