Junfeng releases new logo

December 9, 2022

Recently, Junfeng Company received a notice from the National Trademark Office that its independent Junfeng logo trademark, which covered all products of the 12th category of locomotives and motor vehicles, was approved.

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The logo is composed of dark "blue" and light "blue"; The first letter "J" of "Junfeng" stands for the company; The outer ring is two eagles soaring, also like a spinning wheel rolling forward. The whole pattern implies the constant pursuit of blue sky and white clouds, green and environmental protection. Continuously advancing new energy vehicles and protecting our global village is regarded as Junfeng's long-standing goal that requires unremitting efforts. The logo exactly reflects the grand goal of our company.

Junfeng Company has a strong awareness of protecting its products. Since its establishment, it has successively registered four "Junfeng" text trademarks and two design trademarks. Since its use, it has played a great role in protecting the Company's intellectual products and sales rights, and has effectively improved the product image and reputation of "Junfeng" products. The new pattern trademark registered this time will be used for independent products and products sold overseas, which will certainly play a better role in protecting independent products and products sold overseas and the market, and will also enhance the confidence of partners and dealers.

From now on, the Company has officially released the logo trademark, which is mainly used on its own products and products sold overseas, and is protected by the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China.