Media Focus: What do you do when you switch to electricity?

January 26, 2021
      The battery swap mode has ushered in the wind again. After BAIC, FAW and Dongfeng will launch the battery swap mode models in the first half of 2021. Other car companies are also gearing up to try.

      As early as 2015, Dongfeng New Energy's first battery swap mode vehicle came out, the A60EV model. Unfortunately, the business environment at that time made this project press the pause button. However, Dongfeng New Energy's technical accumulation and commercial exploration experience has settled down.

     Dongfeng Junfeng also launched the "E11K" battery swap version in 2020. In Xiamen's first battle, 300 vehicles obtained valuable operating data, and a group of battery swap enthusiasts began to "chase the wind."

     Under the current battery technology and commercial operating environment, the actual operating data of the mileage of about 100,000 new energy vehicles is about 300KM. The battery swap mode does bring great help to commercial vehicles (taxi, online car-hailing). However, it is not very helpful for families to purchase new energy vehicles. Families can use the charging at night and will not spend more usage costs to agree with the battery swap mode.

       When semi-solid and solid-state batteries are put into use in the next 2-3 years after technological advancement, the actual operating mileage will be 500-600KM under the same cost conditions. All commercial vehicles can fully meet the needs of the day with a single charge, which will be completely Solving the cruising range problem of commercial applications, the battery swap mode will become history at this time. When this technological advancement becomes a reality in the next 2-3 years, the current power swap stations invested in various cities will become a pile of garbage; the funds invested in the power swap business model will face irrecoverable risks.

      A few days ago, according to the official WeChat message of “Blue Valley Smart Energy”, Blue Valley Smart (Beijing) Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Blue Valley Smart) completed the A+ round of financing on January 18, 2021. This financing was funded by BAIC New Energy. Four companies, SK New Energy (SKFS), CATL and Langfang Anpeng Fund jointly led the investment, and the financing amount exceeded 300 million yuan.

It is understood that Blue Valley Wisdom is the only national high-tech enterprise under BAIC Blue Valley that is engaged in the business of battery replacement and power battery echelon utilization. Founded in 2016, its business covers the R&D, manufacturing, construction and operation of smart switch stations and the echelon utilization of power batteries. Traceability and rebirth and lease and sale operations. Among them, the battery swap business mainly provides services for taxis and online car-hailing users; on the one hand, the power battery echelon utilization business provides power protection services for major events and emergency charging scenarios, and on the other hand, provides battery rental services for take-out and express delivery markets across the country. Sale service.

      Junfeng Company discussed that the above-mentioned investment and business model of the power exchange model is irrational and not worthy of promotion and reference. At present, companies should pay close attention to the technical progress and commercialization possibilities of semi-solid and solid polymer batteries, and solve their core technical shortcomings, so that the cruising range can be rapidly increased under safe conditions. This is the substantive solution.

       Treat the battery swap mode rationally, don't chase the wind!