One-minute battery replacement version of the new energy vehicle is here

October 22, 2020
(Reported by Xia Wu from Wuhan on the 22nd of this website): The one-minute battery swap version of the new energy vehicle developed by Dongfeng Motor Company was released to the public. The car is improved and upgraded on the basis of the original A60EV battery replacement version. Junfeng Motor Company participated in the development of this model throughout.

      As early as 2015, the company launched the A60EV battery replacement version. Due to the technical constraints at the time, the battery replacement time reached 3 minutes. At that time, hundreds of vehicles were listed in Wuhan City after two years of experience and withdrew from operation. The battery swap version developed this time has a huge improvement in terms of technical level, vehicle safety, reliability, and economy compared with the first cart.

      In the future, Junfeng Company will take the historical responsibility and make efforts to promote the wide application of the car in the market.

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Slow charging has always been a pain point for electric vehicles

It only takes a few minutes to refuel the fuel car

And electric cars take half an hour at every turn

Delayed time for new energy vehicle operating vehicle drivers to take orders

In order to effectively solve the pain points of new energy vehicle energy supply

Dongfeng and Junfeng actively respond to national policies and government calls

Realize energy saving and emission reduction

Assist to promote the progress of national taxi oil conversion

Actively respond to Dongfeng's strategy of transforming to the "Five Modernizations" strategy

Dongfeng Junfeng smart battery replacement came into being!

You read it right

Not a charging pile, but a battery replacement!

Just like the remote control car we played when we were young

Change the car battery directly

A battery swap version E70 enters the smart swap station

After the vehicle is positioned, the lower lifting platform slowly rises

The platform automatically unlocks the old battery

Replace with a new battery and lock it

Then start one-key three-electric self-check

After confirmation, the vehicle drives out of the swap station

The whole process went smoothly and smoothly, in one go

The driver does not have to get off the bus

The battery replacement process of the E70 only takes 1 minute

The cruising range is 330km!

Why is it so fast?

Tell you with technological strength