Photo news: Lantu's high-end new energy SUV pre-production rolls off

November 26, 2020

     On the afternoon of November 25th, Lantu officially went offline

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      In the factory assembly workshop of Lantu Automobile Technology Company, Lantu Automobile's first high-end smart electric SUV was pre-production off the line under the attention of everyone. This marks that Lantu's manufacturing and quality system has entered a substantive stage of operation, and it also means that Lantu Automobile is one step closer to mass production of the first model. It is reported that Lantu Automobile’s first high-end smart electric SUV will make its global debut in December this year and is expected to be officially launched in the third quarter of 2021.

     Lantu Automobile effectively combines the European high-end manufacturing system with the Japanese luxury and rigorous verification system. In the R&D, testing, manufacturing and other links, fully considering the actual use of users, it has set more than 12,000 evaluation standards. The whole vehicle has passed the test of more than 3 million kilometers, 1,000 kinds of road conditions, and extreme environments such as minus 40°C and high temperature 50°C, ensuring the car experience in all scenarios.

       Lantu’s first high-end intelligent electric SUV takes the safety of drivers and passengers as the core, the world’s first TRB+Patch composite structure thermoformed A-pillar and the industry’s highest-strength 2000MPa aluminum-silicon-coated door anti-collision beam, and high-strength steel accounts for 75% of the total vehicle. Among them, the proportion of thermoforming above 1500MPa is as high as 31%, surpassing Audi e-tron and BMW X7, achieving five-star safety protection.

       In order to solve the anxiety of users using electric vehicles, Lantu Auto pioneered the MVP multi-scenario new energy power solution. The first medium and large high-end intelligent electric SUV is divided into two versions, pure electric and extended-range electric, equipped with front double wishbone + rear multi High-end configurations such as independent link suspension and air suspension. The extended-range electric model is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder engine and a high-efficiency generator with a rated power of 60kW, which perfectly combines high performance and low fuel consumption.

It is reported that Lantu Automobile's first medium-to-large high-end intelligent electric SUV is currently undergoing rigorous tests for over 300 kilometers, including three highs, special projects, and comprehensive enhancements.