Photo News: Sharing-BUS Hits the Road

May 23, 2022
Recently, Dongfeng Yuexiang Sharing-VAN "Spring Bamboos" ushered in an upgraded version

The intelligent unmanned city bus developed by Dongfeng, Sharing-BUS, was officially put on the road during May 1st. Junfeng Motors participates in R&D and trial production, collects data, and prepares for future mass commercialization.

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In mid-May, at the Chunsun Station of Eco-city, Chuanjiangchi 2nd Road, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, the upgraded version of the silver-white "Chun Bamboo" Sharing-BUS joined the fleet of unmanned shuttle buses to provide services for citizens.

Compared with the "mellow" VAN, the BUS has a more square shape. The silver-white body is printed with the appearance of the Spring Bamboo Building. The simple color matching adds a sense of technology to the traditional bus. The patterns on the body will also be changed from time to time according to festivals, events, etc.

The security officer gently pressed the button on the door, and the door slowly opened. On the bus, the reporter found that the interior area of the car has become much larger than that of the VAN, and the number of seats has increased from 6 to 9, and the actual passenger carrying capacity has doubled. The vehicle does not have a traditional driver's seat with a steering wheel, and the safety officer sits in the front seat of the bus.

Whether it is driving stability or safety, the "Spring Bamboo" is not inferior to traditional electric buses. The current BUS trial operation is set at a speed of 20km/h, and the speed will be increased to 30km/h in the future. In the case of unmanned driving, the vehicle will change speed according to the road conditions, and the driving speed will be further increased in the future. Once pedestrians and obstacles appear, the "Chun Bamboo" will decelerate 20 meters in advance and bypass it safely.

According to reports, one BUS that has been put into trial operation is currently in trial operation on Chunsun Line 1. It is expected that 3 BUS will be put into operation this month, and the operation of Chunsun to Xiaojunshan Subway Station will be realized. It is planned to complete the investment of 15 buses before July, and then gradually connect the three core areas of Xiaojunshan, Fenglin and Dajunshan. The ultimate goal is to cover the entire central living area of Junshan New City and provide local residents with convenient public travel services.

According to reports, Dongfeng Yuexiang will launch a series of Sharing-X service vehicles and mobile service equipment in the next stage. Through unmanned connection, unmanned cleaning, security patrol, unmanned distribution and other services, it will help Junshan New City develop a comprehensive Sewing mobile service operations.