Picture News: Dongfeng Unmanned Taxi and Bus

July 5, 2023
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Unmanned taxis and buses are on the market!
On June 30th, Sharing-BUS (Autonomous Bus), a subsidiary of Dongfeng Group, obtained the first pilot license for the commercialization of unmanned buses in Wuhan, and citizens can take the bus by swiping "Wuhan Tong".
Dongfeng Robotaxi (unmanned taxi) also won the commercialization license this time. It operates in the Ridesharing company mode, and citizens can use the "Joy Enjoying Smart Travel" WeChat applet to select the start and end points for booking a ride.
During the May Day period of 2022, Sharing-BUS was officially launched and has been in trial operation for over a year. Dongfeng experts say that this is the first time Dongfeng Yuexiang has obtained a commercial license. In the future, citizens can also make real-time reservations for unmanned buses based on their travel needs. The price of unmanned public transportation is no different from that of traditional public transportation.
Expert introduction: "The current open regular bus routes are priced at 2 yuan based on Wuhan's public transportation system. The subsequent opening of BRT within 6 kilometers is priced at 3 yuan, with tiered fares set based on mileage
The scope of commercial operation of these two models includes Wuhan Economic Development Zone and other open roads in Hanyang District except urban expressways. In the early stage, commercial pilot projects will be carried out around the "Spring Bamboo Shoots" 2045 Innovation Valley and South Taizi Lake; In the later stage, it will gradually expand to the entire area of Junshan New City, Shamao (around Doubu Avenue), and along Dongfeng Avenue (Zhuanyang, Zhuankou Street), gradually covering all applied road sections.
On September 22, 2019, the Wuhan National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Testing Demonstration Zone (hereinafter referred to as the "Wuhan Demonstration Zone") located in the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone was officially unveiled, marking the world's first unmanned commercial license plate and a crucial step towards the commercialization of autonomous driving applications.
At present, 340 intelligent connected vehicles from Dongfeng Yuexiang and other car companies have been put into normal operation throughout the entire Wuhan Economic Development Zone and some areas of Hanyang. The total test mileage exceeds 5.88 million kilometers, the total test duration exceeds 410000 hours, and the cumulative travel service orders have exceeded 240000, serving more than 310000 people.
The development of the above models has condensed the cutting-edge technology and business wisdom of Dongfeng Group, and Junfeng Company has participated in the opinions and provided suggestions for business model innovation. In the coming years, we can export our technology and products to the world. (Reported by Xia Wu from Wuhan)