Policy-oriented innovation drive to the future

December 7, 2018

On December 7th, this website: Today, Junfeng Motor Co., Ltd. organized an internal discussion meeting in Wuhan to study the “Measures for the Administration of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and Product Access”, and explored a new path for future development based on actual conditions.

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   Yesterday, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology promulgated the "Measures for the Administration of Road Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and Products Access" (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Order No. 50 and Interpretation, and announced the "Motorcycle" announced on November 30, 2002. The Measures for the Administration of Vehicle Production Admission (formerly the State Economic and Trade Commission Order No. 43) shall be abolished at the same time. This is an adjustment of policy management that keeps pace with the times, is conducive to the development of new forces, and is conducive to making full use of existing production capacity. Conducive to the stability of the post-joint venture era, which is conducive to enterprises to reduce management costs, and so on, which is a good thing for the development of the industry, and is a policy guide for the future development of Junfeng Motor Corporation.

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   Through discussion, everyone thinks that Junfeng Motor Co., as an innovative thinking car company, always puts the product development, the core technology and the continuous innovation of the business model in the first place, seeking different from the traditional car model. There are other new paths. Article 28 of the new national motor vehicle access method “encourage road motor vehicle manufacturers to carry out research and development and capacity cooperation, and allow road motor vehicle manufacturers that meet the specified conditions to entrust processing and production; encourage road motor vehicle R&D and design The enterprise cooperates with the production enterprise to allow the R&D and design enterprises that meet the prescribed conditions to apply for the production capacity of the road motor vehicle and the product access by using the production capacity of the production enterprise.” It has pointed out the direction for the future development of such enterprises, and we must carefully understand the spirit. Accelerate the implementation of the company's strategic planning.

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  In recent years, the deep integration of Internet technology, information and communication technology and traditional automobile manufacturing technology has spawned new production methods such as OEM production and authorized manufacturing, which have brought challenges to the existing management system. It is urgent to adopt the "Measures" and open up the adoption. New technologies, new processes, new materials, and new production methods for enterprises and products to enter, encourage and promote technological innovation and the formation of new industrial ecology; new forces of car manufacturers due to product design innovation and technological breakthroughs, but for traditional cars The manufacturing capacity is relatively weak, resulting in a slowdown in the design and delivery of new products. Moreover, the increasingly strict production access management has high requirements on the manufacturing capabilities of enterprises. The new forces have to work hard to become a good student and invest heavily. The implementation of this clause has adapted to the development of the new situation and promoted the need for industrial transformation and upgrading. (Reporter: Xia Wu)