Positive: New Dreamers on the Market

March 20, 2024
Latest company news about Positive: New Dreamers on the Market

VOYAH Automobile recently announced that its new "VOYAH" Dreamer has recently launched two pure electric models -“ The Long Range Excellence Version ” and “The Ultra Long Range Luxury Version”.


Both products can enjoy full purchase tax subsidies in the Chinese market and have been updated synchronously on the official website and app of Voyah Automobile.


Users can place orders online. After the launch of two new pure electric models, the New Voyah Dreamer formed a product matrix consisting of three plug-in hybrid and four pure electric models, fully meeting the needs of consumers for different power modes and range.


Compared with pure electric models in the same class, the newly launched Long Range Excellence Version has stronger power performance and reduces the starting price of the dual motor four-wheel drive pure electric MPV to below 50,000 USD. The ultra long range luxury version has a battery capacity of 108.73kWh, and the CLTC pure electric range reaches 650km.


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The above picture shows the new cars that were taken offline on the same day.


Junfeng Company has recommended to new and old customers and received overseas orders. The delivery time is within 30 days.