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March 20, 2024
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On March 14th, Dongfeng Yipai's first product, the Zhiya Electric Coupe JF-007, was officially launched in Xi'an. It includes four models: extended range, pure electric, long range, and luxury top of the line,. From March 14th to April 30th, customers who place orders to purchase the JF-007 pure electric version can enjoy multiple benefits such as optional gifts, financial/revitalization gifts, delivery gifts, traffic gifts, charging gifts, quality assurance gifts, etc; The pure electric version offers a limited time cash discount of 30000 RMB. Users who have already placed orders before March 14th can choose the new benefit plan on March 14th and enjoy insurance benefits.


The attending leaders stated that in the past year, after extensive reforms, Dongfeng New Energy's image has gradually become three-dimensional, achieving a full track and brand layout. Dongfeng Yipai is an electric brand positioned as a mainstream technology, with strong technical strength, supply chain advantages, and a nationwide and global distributor system. It can provide users with high-quality products and worry free high-quality services throughout the entire process. Taking JF-007 as the starting point, Junfeng Company will more comprehensively meet user needs.


JF-007 is the culmination of Dongfeng's new energy technology, born from a customized quantum architecture. The car is equipped with Mach E power and has the ability to reach the "coupe level" of 0-100 km/h acceleration in 3 seconds. The torsional stiffness of the entire vehicle reaches 40000 N • m/rad, winning the "Top 10 Vehicle Bodies in China" technology award. Relying on advanced technologies such as quantum architecture and Mach E dynamics, JF-007 has successfully completed the industry's first extreme challenge of leaping above sea level.


In terms of battery safety, Mach E batteries undergo rigorous amphibious tests on land, sea, and air, making users feel more at ease when traveling. In the land shooting test, the Mach E battery was fired 9 times continuously by 7.62mm caliber bullets used by AK47, but the bullets pierced through the battery cell and the battery still did not ignite or explode. In the test of a free fall at an altitude of 8 meters, the Mach E battery completed the test with a standard higher than the national standard. In the seawater immersion test, the Mach E battery became the first battery to operate normally even after being immersed in 1.5 meters of seawater for 24 hours. After 168 hours of high-temperature storage, the Mach E battery can safely pass the 1.5-ton high-speed collision test, far exceeding the C-NCAP five-star collision requirements. Through the application of a series of advanced technologies, the low-temperature endurance decay rate of JF-007 is as low as 30%, and the endurance achievement rate is among the top in the industry.


The appearance of JF-007 adopts the brand philosophy of "simplicity on the road", which is dynamic and introverted, elegant and avant-garde. The entire series comes standard with hidden door handles, panoramic dome canopy, electric liftback tailgate, and offers the only optional items in the same class, such as electric scissor doors, butterfly shadow light carpet projection lights, and electric tail wings, to meet the personalized needs of young people.


JF-007 also has rich technological configurations, with e π PILOT intelligent assisted driving standard across the entire range, supporting functions such as AEB emergency braking, ACC adaptive cruise control, and LKA lane keeping. Customers can also choose to equip with an intelligent driving navigation upgrade package, which achieves rare high-level driving assistance functions such as "High speed NOA navigation assistance" and "LAPA beyond visual range memory parking", allowing them to enjoy a relaxed and intelligent travel experience.


At the press conference, Dongfeng Group announced the G20 Co creation Plan and G E. On the basis of the T public testing plan, we have launched a brand exclusive social platform called the GM. π Team Plan, which integrates interests, trends, sharing, and socializing. With a 5 million π Team Growth Fund, we support the implementation of the GM. π Team Plan. We sincerely invite car owners to join the "π" Team and enjoy the joy of driving from "e" to create an ecosystem with unlimited imagination and energy.


Junfeng Company has opened up overseas investment and accepted orders( )Welcome new and old customers to choose the world's trendy new energy sports cars. When you have them, they will bring you endless technological enjoyment and the fun of sports cars!