"Qinghai Lake" with Dongfeng - JunFeng New Energy won the award again

July 28, 2022
The car races compete against each other every year, and this year's "Dongfeng" is more eye-catching. Dongfeng-JUNFENG two new energy vehicles won 13 awards

On July 24th, the three-day Ninth Qinghai Lake (International) Electric Vehicle Challenge came to an end after fierce competition. Two new energy vehicles under Dongfeng Group participated for the first time - Lantu Dreamer and Dongfeng EV Nano. BOX, which showed excellent performance in the competition, won a total of 13 awards. Among them, Lantu Dreamer won 12 awards, including "National Team High-end New Energy Brand Leader", "Industry Pilot Award", "New Era Luxury Benchmark MPV" and "Full Point Award", and Dongfeng EV Nano BOX won the "Most SUV A0 Group Award". Best Design Award".

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It is reported that in this year's Qinghai Lake (International) Electric Vehicle Challenge, a total of 19 new energy vehicles from home and abroad participated in the competition. The Lantu Dreamer has undergone comprehensive evaluations such as performance evaluation, subjective evaluation and road test drive around the lake. In the performance test "automatic parking, handling, wading ability" and subjective evaluation "appearance design, intelligent interaction, vehicle technology" and other links, Lantu Dreamer won the "Best Technology Configuration Award, Best Handling Performance Award, Best Technology Best Water Wade Ability Award, Best Appearance Design Award, Most Beautiful Luxury MPV, Performance Benchmark Award"; in the evaluation around Qinghai Lake, Lantu Dreamer's driving experience is not bad, and the fuel economy is excellent, and won the "Best" Endurance Award, Best Power Saving Ability Award". Lantu Dreamer achieved outstanding results in the overall test and was highly recognized by the organizing committee. It won the "National Team High-end New Energy Brand Leader Award, Industry Pilot Award, New Era Luxury Benchmark MPV, and Overall Point Award", becoming the One of the biggest winners of this tournament.

As the second model of the Lantu brand, the Lantu Dreamer won the first time in the Qinghai Lake (International) Electric Vehicle Challenge and won the recognition of the industry. Racer Xie Siwen said: "The Lantu Dreamer is the first pure electric luxury MPV in China. The biggest feeling of driving it is that it is both comfortable and luxurious, and the mute effect and battery life are very good."

In this competition, the Nano BOX, which represented Dongfeng EV New Energy, overcame the "altitude sickness" with excellent strength, successfully completed the long-distance endurance challenge of driving around the lake, and won the "SUV A0 Group Best Appearance Design Award".

Junfeng Motor has introduced these two vehicles to the world, and the future Dongfeng Junfeng new energy vehicle will be "JUST FOR YOU"!