Reliable solutions for "Dongfeng Wisdom" and "Dongfeng Power"

June 28, 2021
On June 24th, at the 34th World Electric Vehicle Conference and Exhibition (EVS34) in Nanjing, Junfeng Motor Company participated in the meeting and exchanged views with experts.

During the meeting, Junfeng Co., Ltd. coordinated with Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle to release a "reliable new energy solution", and the collaboration between the two parties contributed to "Dongfeng Wisdom" and "Dongfeng Power".

With 52 years of technical background and more than 6 million loyal customers, the reliability of the Dongfeng Tianlong and Dongfeng Tianjin commodity platforms under Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle has achieved market reputation and customer trust. As the main force of China's automobile industry, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle has served the country for more than 50 years, demonstrating the national sentiment and the responsibility and responsibility of the central enterprise. Facing the transformation and upgrading of the commercial vehicle industry, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle actively responds to the national "carbon peak and carbon neutral" strategic call and green development strategy, leading green development with reliable technology, and driving the construction of zero-carbon China. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle's "reliable new energy solutions" will create a new legend on the road of building green smart logistics and building a green China, and demonstrate the power of national brands with Chinese smart manufacturing.

As an innovative new energy vehicle technology company, Junfeng Motor Company has persisted in taking the road of technological innovation in recent years, and has accumulated experience and achievements in the development of smart and new energy vehicles. It is only natural for Junfeng to contribute its accumulated scientific and technological achievements to its parent company. The effective collaboration between the two parties will surely effectively promote the technological progress and product development of Dongfeng and Junfeng, and better seize the new energy vehicle market.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle has successively launched 16 new energy models such as pure electricity, hydrogen fuel, and hybrid vehicles for application scenarios such as steel mills, ports, resource shortages, construction engineering, and environmental sanitation; 52 years of technological precipitation, for each product Injecting reliable genes, the reliability of the whole vehicle is better. The battery is replaced in 5 minutes, the charging time is no longer than 1 hour, and the battery life is 250km on a single charge. The operating cost per kilometer is at least 0.3 yuan, allowing customers to get rid of charging, battery life and cost anxiety. "Reliable new energy solutions" and a more reliable, more energy-efficient, and more comfortable series of products will provide customers with higher value and boost the development of the industry.

In the future, we will coordinate the development of more new energy vehicle products to meet the needs of more users for new energy commercial vehicles.