Set Sail, 2019!

January 1, 2019

2018 has ended with a nice heavy snow,  "the auspicious snow drives away the old year, and JUNFENG will get the new hopes in the new year".

2018 is an unforgettable year, in the context of the Internet thinking model which guides the development of new energy vehicles, in the context of China's the crucial moment of new and old energy change economic development, our company had been created.   


From that moment on, we had started. With the helps of our friends, we began to plan our own business plan, seek to and develop base areas, build our own team, create our own brand, and achieve "zero" breakthrough in sales.


On 2019, we focus on strategic plan on "base foundation, activities development, marketing planification, system planification" , we will set sail, step by step, towards the established goal!