Soaring in the blue sky with high-tech products, popular all over the world

November 24, 2021

----The company's two UAV products are simultaneously sold globally today


November 24, 2021 (October 20th in the lunar calendar), a day that will be recorded in the history of the company's development. After two years of hard work, the company's UAV business unit today released two UAV products to be launched simultaneously worldwide. At this point, the company's smart and new energy vehicles, and smart drones are flying with each other, flying towards a better future.


Two products, JF-X-36 multi-rotor UAV and JF-A-08 vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV released today, have technical performance, intelligence, air payload, cruising range, lift-off height, and anti-aircraft performance. Various indicators such as wind strength and versatility of the accessories that can be mounted are in a leading position in the Chinese industry. It has a wide range of uses, simple operation and easy popular use.


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The JF-X-36 multi-rotor UAV has a maximum take-off weight of 60kg, an air payload of 20 kg, a maximum lift-off height of 3000m, a full carbon fiber modular design, a vehicle-mounted synchronous movement following, dual GPS multiple redundant control, Excellent anti-jamming performance and other advantages and characteristics. This model has an integrated streamlined full carbon fiber high-strength ultra-light body with strong corrosion resistance

Modular structure design, fast disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation; can mount a variety of loads; advanced algorithms and rich power redundancy, power loss protection; waterproof design, can fly in the rain; excellent wind resistance, Can resist 7 gales.


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JF-A-08 vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV is a vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV with a wingspan of 2.4m. It is a pure electric version. Features, as well as the vertical take-off and landing function of the rotary wing UAV, without the help of running, can achieve the UAV's take-off and landing requirements in situ. Full autonomous flight, without human intervention, can complete flight status switching, cruise, and vertical take-off and landing. The main power of the machine is changed to the rear, and the photoelectric pod is front to provide a larger field of vision for the photoelectric load

The equipment compartment is an independent space that can be hung in different loads according to customer needs. The body is integrally formed with carbon brazing, which is more lightweight and has a high consistency of modular design. It can be quickly disassembled and assembled; it is waterproof and has a certain degree of operation in the rain.


     After more than 720 days of hard work, the two products have undergone various rigorous experiments and field application tests during the design and trial production process, and have met the corporate design standards and international standards.


    "Controlling the core technology and relying on the core technology to promote the company's development is the magic weapon for Junfeng Company" this project leader said when it was released today. It is reported that the company is currently stepping up the development of the second UAV and pre-researching the third-generation product. It is believed that the commercialization of Junfeng's first unmanned product will effectively promote the company's development. The company will plug in the wings of intelligent and new energy vehicles and intelligent drones, soaring in the blue sky and popular all over the world!