Start of the second half--find the lack of the first half

July 1, 2020
  (Homepage Wuhan News): Open the July 1 calendar, and come to the commercial battle time in the second half of this year. All the management personnel of Junfeng Company gathered in Wuhan to review the "live game" in the first half and deal with the "game strategy" in the second half.

      In the first half of the "live game", we were attacked by a sudden new crown epidemic.

      A number of established strategic plans and strategic objectives were forced to be adjusted; a number of future plans were forced to advance. Although the epidemic has affected some of our plans, we have resumed production and production in a timely manner, adjusted product development plans in a timely manner, and formulated remedial strategies in a timely manner to minimize the impact of the epidemic. Since April, the sales team sent by the company has traveled to the least affected areas to seek business opportunities in the "new infrastructure", promote charging piles and the construction of smart cities, and coordinate the operation of smart and new energy vehicles; use business model innovation to Adapting to the demands of various regions for stimulating domestic demand; we will change the development trend of future vehicle strategies according to the development of the epidemic situation, and arranged the development project of smart vehicles in advance in time to obtain the "advance amount"; the export vehicle project developed at the beginning of the year was impacted by the overseas epidemic situation and the contract The center is suspended. We communicated with overseas customers in a timely manner, reasonably handled the details of contract advancement, and avoided the expected loss of both parties; we used the "closed door" opportunity to strengthen employee training to allow employees to be charged; our pioneering multi-business operation made up for the automobile operation The loss of the main business... In the first half of the game, we got back the points we should get back, and we won high points.

      The second half of the game has just begun. We will take advantage of the best opportunity in the second half of the year to find our ego, regain the time lost in the first half, and win the year goal.

      The country’s relaxed economic environment has brought us broad market prospects, and we have to work hard to score points;

      The best way to boost domestic demand-"new infrastructure", the coordinated use of smart and new energy vehicles, charging piles is the main means, and our main business, "Junfeng" brand will be duty-bound;

      The new plans and new strategies of Dongfeng Group and Dongfeng Junfeng will be closely followed by Junfeng Motor Company and will never be left behind.

      After the outbreak of the overseas epidemic, we are constantly watching;

      Changes in market demand in the post-epidemic era have provided Junfeng Motor with a way to expand its business scope, which we do not want to miss.

      "The handsome wind shows in the Fengfeng Stadium, and Dongfeng World borrows Dongfeng." We will win a common cause and a common wish. This is the consensus reached by Junfeng Autobots after discussion; we are full of confidence in the second half of the "race".