The company first marketing strategic cooperation agreement signed

November 11, 2018

2018.10.08 News:

A few days ago, Junfeng Motor Co., Ltd. signed a marketing strategy cooperation agreement with Chih-controlled Automobile Network (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. in Chengdu. The two sides reached a strategic cooperation agreement for joining hands to promote "Dongfeng Junfeng" on the use of Internet shared vehicle platform. It opened firstly the use of "Dongfeng Junfeng "new energy sharing vehicle customized by Junfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

Chih-controlled Automobile Network (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic Internet platform enterprises focusing on intelligent wind control and car service e-commerce, committing to provide efficient enterprise services for industry customers. This group provides the service for the industry customers, at the same time it provides the vehicles to enter the sharing platform after the strict examination, which is an important way for the automobile factory to realize the sales of the group's big customers.


The two sides agreed to provide a full set of enterprise-level services (sales, finance, promotion, data collection and utilization, insurance, services, second-hand car replacement, etc.) to ensure to deliver accurately and timely the car to the user. And a substantial annual sales target for three years is set.


In an interview with this website, Li Jian, the president of Chih-controlled Automobile Network (Beijing) Technology Group Ltd., said: net contract and share vehicles are operating vehicles, which have stringent requirements for their quality, vehicle science and technology, vehicle entertainment, brand image, and so on. 'Dongfeng. Junfeng's new energy passenger cars, whether they are the three parts of power, or the traditional body chassis and drive, are all superior in comprehensive evaluation. They are models that we have carefully selected from within the industry and that have been reviewed and approved strictly according to the requirements of the network, and the reassured model by the user. To this end, having reached sincerely a strategic cooperation agreement with Junfeng Motor Co., Ltd., we aim to promote the Dongfeng. Junfeng products and dignify the network car and shared car service industry with the good models.