Innovation drives the whole industry chain of Dongfeng new energy vehicle.

November 11, 2018

2018.10.15 News:

406 kilometers, "Dongfeng Junfeng" E11K, a pure electric passenger car with a very high cost performance ratio; ER30, the king of new energy-sharing vehicles; 401 kilometers of Fengshen E70 anniversary edition, a new generation of Fengshen AX7 PHEV hybrid electric vehicle, an additional fuel cell passenger car to complete the functional prototype development... On the 3rd Science and Technology Innovation Week of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd., which closed on the eve of National Day, Dongfeng demonstrated its strong strength in the field of new energy automobiles.

Earlier, in August, Shenma Special Vehicle, a networking platform, reached strategic cooperation with Dongfeng Fengshen and signed a purchasing agreement for 5000 Fengshen E70 pure electric vehicles. Dongfeng Company's annual production of 300,000 passenger cars expansion project has been approved, with a total investment of nearly 10 billion yuan, will produce Dongfeng Nissan series products including new energy vehicles.

In recent years, Dongfeng Company has upgraded the development of new energy vehicles to the core strategy, and made efforts in new technologies, new products, new business models and other fields. To strengthen the control of core resources, Dongfeng Times (Wuhan) Battery Systems Co., Ltd. was established jointly with Ningde Times, a global lithium battery giant, and Dongfeng Hangsheng (Wuhan) Automotive Control System Co., Ltd. was established with Shenzhen Hangsheng, a domestic automotive electronics giant. The two companies put into operation in Dongfeng new energy automotive industrial park this summer.

Super pure electric vehicles such as Junfeng ER30, E17, E111K and Fengshen E70 sell more than 10,000 vehicles a year, and scored 93.2 points in the first batch of new energy vehicles issued by China Automotive Technology Research Center. Dongfeng Special Pure Electric Logistics Vehicle, Dongfeng Xiangli New Energy Bus and Bus have become the best market segments. Dongfeng Fuel Cell Truck has been put into small batches.

Expand shared travel market. On the basis of developing new energy taxi, commuter car, network appointment car and other business, Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Technology jointly developed three-network (vehicle operation and maintenance network, charging pile network, user network) integration service platform "Dongfeng Travel", "Free2move" registered members exceeded 80,000.

Dongfeng's joint venture brand has also entered the new energy field. Dongfeng Nissan's first pure electric vehicle "Xuan Yi pure power" has been offline in Guangzhou recently. By 2022, Dongfeng Limited will launch 20 electric vehicles, with new energy vehicles accounting for 30%, or 780,000 annually. Dongfeng Honda third will launch pure electric vehicle after commissioning next year. Shenlong company plans to launch Fukang electric cars, SUV and other 5 new energy products in the next two years. Dongfeng Yueda KIA's K5 plug-in hybrid car was unveiled at the Chengdu motor show this year.

In the first half of this year, the sales of Dongfeng New Energy Passenger Vehicles increased by 44.8% year on year, and the sales of New Energy Commercial Vehicles ranked first in the industry.