The company has obtained the special license for the import and export of mechanical and electrical

May 24, 2021
    (Reported by Xia Wu on this website): Today (May 24), the company obtained the special permission for foreign trade business import and export on the license platform of the Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce. Since then, the company has become a national foreign trade business quota database enterprise, except for special national regulations In addition to the products and general trade, foreign trade businesses that require special application permits can directly apply for special permits.

      In recent years, the company has adopted a two-legged approach in operating channels to steadily advance its business. In the domestic business, holding high the banner of technological innovation and technological progress, and advancing the innovation of smart and new energy vehicle business models, starting from product creativity and design, to disruptive innovation of the terminal, through the control and extension of the entire value chain, gaining market and Return: In the international market, avoiding the fierce competition of traditional products, actively promoting the use of smart and new energy vehicles, and achieving good results, the company has gathered a number of high-quality core customers and exported many batches of high-quality products. The Provincial Department of Commerce and relevant national departments highly recognized Junfeng's early overseas business and basic management level, and approved the company's foreign trade business application special permit qualifications. This qualification will be used in a single batch and for a limited time, which will effectively improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

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         The acquisition of the qualifications for the special permit application will definitely increase the momentum for the company's two market development, and the company's future development will surely be more stable.