The market pattern has changed dramatically, keeping up with the situation to grasp the future.

May 14, 2019

Recently, the company held a business analysis meeting to study the countermeasures and layout the future in response to the changing trend of the domestic market.

In April, the sales volume of China's narrow passenger vehicles was 1,508,398 units, down 16.9% year-on-year and 13.8% from the previous month. It was the largest decline in April compared with the previous year. The sales trend in April was relatively deviated from the normal trend, caused by multiple factors such as high growth rate of real estate sales, continuous introduction of new policies and other supply and demand.

At the same time, the auto market is also showing a differentiation pattern of strong business strength, weak domestic imports, weak domestic luxury, and low-end luxury. In April, although the new energy passenger vehicle market entered the subsidy transition period, the new energy vehicle wholesale achieved a good sales level of 91,000 units, which is a better embodiment of gradually getting rid of policy dependence.

In the first four months of this year, the sales volume of the national new energy narrow passenger car was 345,000 units, an increase of 83.8%. Among them, the pure electric passenger car's A-class car has the strongest increase, accounting for 53% of the pure electric passenger car. The growth rate of inserting and mixing was 53%, which was strong.

After analysis and discussion, the company believes that the market has suddenly become a new requirement for Junfeng Company. It must firmly grasp the general trend of market changes, review the situation, and continuously develop new markets and new products in order to win the future. First, we must pay close attention to the growth momentum of new energy passenger vehicles, seize the new energy passenger car nose and nose, do not relax, we must pay close attention to the changes in the structure of the vehicle; second, we must innovate the business model, pay close attention to the travel market, replace the battery model, and bare The market and technology changes brought by the business of car sales and financial leasing; the third is to increase the control of core technologies and the control of resources to adapt to market changes. (Xiawu report)