The mask machine made by Dongfeng Group is in place!

April 8, 2020

As a domestic and overseas agent, Junfeng Company accepts reservations from various regions and contributes to the world's victory over "COVID-19".

The following picture shows the factory equipment:

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On April 7, the first batch of mask machines of Dongfeng Group's equipment department (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng Equipment) was successfully developed and the first batch of off-line ceremony was held in the welding equipment workshop of Shiyan factory. The first 10 sets of intelligent plane mask machines are off the assembly line, each with a production capacity of 100 pieces / minute.

In this special spring of 2020, Dongfeng equipment with 50 years of manufacturing experience in automotive and industrial production lines quickly responded. It took only one month to cross the border and start from zero to successfully break through the export machine to protect humanity as the new pneumonia epidemic raged around the world. Health contributes to Dongfeng Force

As early as the beginning of the epidemic, when the epidemic prevention mask continued to tighten, Dongfeng began to pay attention to the dynamics of the mask production line. However, because Hubei is a severely affected area, the traffic is stagnant and it is impossible to purchase and produce related equipment. When it was learned that the production capacity in many places could not meet the needs of the public, plus the mitigation of the epidemic in Shiyan from March, Dongfeng Equipment quickly set up a technical team to urgently tackle the problem and quickly overcome the design plan.
Since the establishment of the project, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Co., Ltd. have always paid attention to and supported the project. The Dongfeng equipment project team races against time to overcome time constraints, heavy tasks, and difficulty in supplying accessories. Overtime and overtime work every day. In only 4 days, the smart plane mask production line and smart N95 mask production line were designed across the border; In 15 days, the first batch of intelligent plane mask production lines were produced and debugged.

In just one month, Dongfeng equipment ran out of the new speed of "Made in China" war epidemic situation

The following picture shows workers debugging equipment:

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Up to now, Dongfeng has received orders for 100 mask machine orders and is in the process of tight production and batch delivery. It is planned to complete the delivery in May. The smart N95 mask production line is being booked.