The "Mengshi 917" is actually fighting in the desert

May 6, 2023
Latest company news about The "Mengshi 917" is actually fighting in the desert

From April 29th to May 3rd, the 17th Alxa Heroes' Association of 2023 was held in Badain Jilin Town, Alxa Right Banner. Previously, the world premiere of the MHero 917 at the 2023 Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition appeared at the Alxa Heroes' Meeting, and completed performance tests at many popular off-road coordinates in Alxa. It successfully passed through the big and small V-ditches, and pulled the sinkhole in the depths of the Tengger Desert for many consecutive times.

latest company news about The "Mengshi 917" is actually fighting in the desert  0

Desert off-road, due to its unique terrain characteristics, complex and ever-changing climate, and unique terrain characteristics, has extremely high playability, attracting off-road players from all over the world to tirelessly challenge and clock in. MHero 917 appears in Alxa Right Banner and is loved by off-road enthusiasts and tourists, attracting many experienced off-road players to observe it up close The MHero 917, which appeared in Alxa this time, is in the engineering testing stage, which is also the first time that the MHero 917 has undergone open testing of its actual vehicle performance in the desert.

The large and small V-grooves, which are popular in the off-road industry, are well-known desert off-road holy sites. The continuous sand dunes gather into mountains, forming a unique "V" shaped terrain. The vertical height of the large V-groove is about 2-3 times higher than that of the small V-groove, making it a popular coordinate that cannot be missed in the eyes of off-road enthusiasts nationwide for extreme off-road challenges. Through it, there is often a state of difficulty in distinguishing between up and down, shifting from left to right. The sense of conquest and weightlessness of falling complement each other, which not only tests the performance of off-road vehicles but also puts higher demands on drivers.

With its powerful power and control capabilities, the MHero 917 conquers large and small V-trenches. The powerful torque control ability of the MHero 917 sand mode is reflected in the large and small V-shaped gullies. The M ATS system of the MHero 917 can estimate the optimal driving force of the front and rear axles in real-time based on the dynamic slip rate of the front and rear axles. The braking torque and driving torque are controlled in coordination to ensure the maintenance of the vehicle's basic kinetic energy and better vehicle speed sustainability.

In the challenge of directly pulling out the sinkhole, the MHero 917 successfully pulled out the sinkhole, presenting a refreshing off-road performance show for off-road enthusiasts. Pulling out the sinkhole directly not only tests the vertical drop and slope of the vehicle, but also increases the lateral resistance from the start. The vehicle's steering becomes cumbersome, and the tire adhesion changes rapidly at all times. In sandy mode, the MHero 917, equipped with wire controlled rear wheel steering, exhibits powerful chassis integrated control capabilities. Rear wheel steering can support higher vehicle speeds and operate at a greater reverse control angle, improving the vehicle's steerability, ensuring convenience during desert driving, and reducing the increase in driving load caused by steering resistance during desert driving, This further improves the playability of the MHero 917 in the desert and the traffic capacity of vehicles under special operating conditions.

It is reported that this desert off-road test is a comprehensive on-site visit by the MHero 917 Off road Research Institute, and related route planning, organization, and support will become an important reference and practical reference for the MHero Desert Off road course.