The nuclear power on the car is here

April 2, 2024
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Dongfeng has released the Mach electric hybrid PHREV technology, and the first model equipped with this technology, Dongfeng Fengshen L7, has made its global debut. The strong power gives Dongfeng new energy vehicles wings to take off.


Yesterday, the "Technology Dongfeng Leading the Way" Dongfeng Automobile Hybrid Technology Open Day and Mach Electric Hybrid New Car Release Event were held at the Beijing National Tennis Center. The company has launched the Mach electric hybrid PHREV technology, which leads the industry's technological revolution. The first model equipped with this technology, the Dongfeng Fengshen L7, was launched globally on the same day.


"We name the power brand 'Mach', representing Dongfeng's technological pursuit of always being faster and always striving for first place, and creating a pleasant driving experience for users. To create the best power solution in China, Dongfeng has always been leading and surpassing." You Zheng said, "With 55 years of experience in car manufacturing, strong support from 59 million users, and a huge technological 'reserve', we have the confidence and strength to become winners in the new energy race."


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In the field of new energy vehicles, the competition for pure electric, extended range, and plug-in technology routes has never stopped. The market and customers are eager for a technological route that takes into account advantages such as electric power, economy, power, reliability, and convenient energy replenishment. The Mach electric hybrid PHREV is the Dongfeng answer presented by Dongfeng in the field of hybrid technology. Mach electric hybrid PHREV is a true and pure electric hybrid technology that represents worry free mileage, multi-mode integration, and the ultimate safety and reliability that users trust. It will promote another technological advancement in China's new energy vehicles.


The Mach electric hybrid PHREV technology will comprehensively push the industry's hybrid technology to new heights, bringing the world's hybrid technology into a new generation with new standards. The Mach electric hybrid PHREV, with its minimalist and exquisite structural design, successfully integrates the two major hybrid technology schools of power splitting and series parallel connection, achieving complementarity and integration. This configuration only uses one planetary gear, two pairs of fixed shaft gears, and two sets of synchronizers to achieve multi gear series parallel and dual-mode power splitting. For the first time, power splitting is used for shifting, which can control the engine speed more smoothly, achieve CVT like smooth shifting and ultimate energy saving.


The Mach electric hybrid PHREV is equipped with industry-leading electric drive, hybrid dedicated engines, industry-leading i-Control intelligent electronic control system, and high safety and durability batteries, possessing four major system advantages of "strongest configuration, strongest heart, strongest brain, and strongest armor". It realizes the integration of multiple new energy source driving modes and advantages, which can be plug-in hybrid, extendable, and pure electric. In a vehicle, it can achieve more efficient driving than plug-in hybrid, and the pure electric driving experience of extended range vehicles can be achieved, while also solving the range anxiety of pure electric vehicles.


With the support of the i-Control intelligent electronic control system, Dongfeng Mach electric hybrid PHREV is equipped with an industry-leading AI predictive energy management system, which can achieve dual prediction based on travel conditions and driving habits. It adopts self-learning scene recognition AI algorithm, automatically implements the optimal control strategy, pure electric, extended range, and plug-in, without the need for manual switching, automatically improves the actual energy consumption performance of the scene, and achieves "road recognition and energy control".


A hybrid specific engine with ultra-high thermal efficiency, which is an indispensable core of efficient hybrid systems and also the "strongest auxiliary". In recent years, Dongfeng Company has continued to lead the industry in breakthroughs in core technology of hybrid dedicated engines, and has continuously set a record for thermal efficiency in hybrid dedicated engines. Three years ago, it created the industry's first highest thermal efficiency of 41.07%, and in 2023, it exceeded 45% thermal efficiency, which is currently the industry's highest record for authoritative certification. The engine thermal efficiency in Dongfeng's development has exceeded 47%, and it is expected to exceed 48% by 2026. At the same time, new technology pre research is being carried out to achieve a thermal efficiency exceeding 50%. Dongfeng's innovative application of four key technologies, including variable cross-section turbocharged VGT technology, fully coupled low-pressure EGR control technology, high-pressure four injection technology, and ultra lightweight design engine pistons, has achieved the highest thermal efficiency in mass production of 45.18%.


In terms of batteries, Mach Battery has built a super high-strength battery framework through multi-dimensional support structure and multi-dimensional structural safety design, creating a "military vehicle level safety armor", and strengthening the battery cells with four layers of safety. It has passed rigorous safety tests far beyond industry standards and obtained authoritative safety certification in the industry. Dongfeng's self-developed lithium dendrite self-healing technology is the first to be mass-produced and applied in the industry, greatly alleviating battery degradation and improving battery life by 33%, ensuring a complete charge discharge cycle life of more than 2000 times, far exceeding the industry level.


The Mach electric hybrid PHREV also adopts a multi energy body integrated design from "gun" to "wheel", with an authoritative certification of oil to electricity conversion efficiency of up to 3.66kWh/L. The adaptive noise control technology for hybrid vehicles in all scenarios can ensure that the noise inside the vehicle increases by less than 1 decibel and the body vibration is less than 0.01G when the engine is involved. Even under extreme conditions of rapid acceleration and overtaking with power supply, the noise increment entering the car can be controlled within 3 decibels, far higher than the same level and ranking first in the industry.


Leading technology shapes product advantages. The Dongfeng Mach electric hybrid PHREV technology debut model, Dongfeng Fengshen L7, is Dongfeng Fengshen's first plug-in hybrid SUV model, perfectly inheriting the core technological value brought by Mach electric hybrid PHREV. It has the core advantages of long range, low fuel consumption, strong power, high safety, and super comfort, which will further accelerate Dongfeng Fengshen's new energy transformation process.


The design inspiration for the Dongfeng Fengshen L7 comes from the "Lightyear Journey", which sculpts the body lines with the physical changes of light and creates more warmth with the concept of "long-term companionship". The new car has the longest pure electric range of 205 kilometers in its class, with a comprehensive range of up to 1500 kilometers. It has a fuel consumption as low as 3.8L per 100 kilometers and a 0-100 km/h acceleration in 6 seconds, ranking first in its class. In terms of intelligence, the Dongfeng Fengshen L7 is equipped with the Dongfeng OS 3.0 intelligent cockpit, and the entire series is equipped with the 8155 chip as standard.


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The competition in the new energy track is essentially a competition in key core technologies. It is understood that during the 14th Five Year Plan period, Junfeng Company participated in the launch of 26 new energy vehicle models by Dongfeng Group, and independently controlled a number of key core technologies such as SOA central centralized electronic architecture, ten in one high-efficiency electric drive, solid-state batteries, 800V+4C fast charging, etc., firmly holding the initiative in the competition for new energy transformation in its own hands. Continuously intensifying the new energy track, Dongfeng Company has rapidly innovated in the fields of brand, technology, and products, actively building a competitive advantage in the development of electrification. It has comprehensively completed the strategic layout of new energy brands, platforms, products, key assemblies, and core technology resources, and has ranked first in the industry in terms of invention patent disclosure and authorization for two consecutive years.


In the future, Junfeng Company will make every effort to

use the above core technologies to equip more new energy vehicle models and meet the needs of users at home and abroad.