The "VOYAH" RACE THE SUN PHEV model has been launched

December 10, 2023
Latest company news about The "VOYAH" RACE THE SUN PHEV model has been launched

On the evening of December 5th, 2023, the "VOYAH" Technology Day and "VOYAH" RACE THE SUNPHEV Global Launch Conference were held in Boao, Hainan. Hundreds of drones lined up in the air with the words "First Choice for Chinese Entrepreneurs in the New Administrative Electric Flagship", and the popular TV series lead "Man Sister" Sheh Shih man, as the chief recommendation officer of "VOYAH" RACE THE SUNPHEV, witnessed the launch of this "Smart and Stable CEO" on site.

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That night, "VOYAH" announced that "VOYAH" RACE THE SUNPHEV had released two versions, the Executive Edition and the Flagship Edition. At the same time, "VOYAH" also provided the first batch of Chinese users with user rights worth 58000 yuan, including expansion fund rights worth 3000 yuan, zero interest financial rights worth 15000 yuan, six worry free protection rights worth 15000 yuan, and a technology comfort package worth 25000 yuan.

After opening pre-sales at the Guangzhou Auto Show, the order volume of "VOYAH" RACE THE SUNPHEV exceeded 10000 units in 5 hours. As the first electric hybrid sedan of "VOYAH" automobiles, "VOYAH" Race THE SUNPHEV is aimed at entrepreneurs, executives, social elites, and the backbone of the era who are fully confident in Chinese brands. With a million level product strength, it meets the needs of users for executive luxury sedans.

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In terms of power, "VOYAH" RACE THE SUNPHEV is derived from the industry's first series parallel hybrid technology based on a pure electric platform, namely Lanhai Power Intelligent Multimode Hybrid Technology, which can support six power modes: long endurance pure electric, engine direct drive, combined drive, strong hybrid power, intelligent battery protection, and energy recovery. The entire series is equipped with a torque vector control intelligent four-wheel drive system, which can output a total power of 390kW and a maximum torque of 810N · m, accelerating from 100 kilometers in just 5.9 seconds.

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In terms of range, the "VOYAH" RACE THE SUNPHEV is equipped with a 43kWh high-capacity battery, and the CLTC pure electric range reaches 262km, making it the longest pure electric four-wheel drive model among new energy PHEV sedans. It can achieve worry free electricity consumption for one week of urban travel, with a comprehensive range of 1260km. It can run from Wuhan to Beijing in one breath when fully charged and fueled.

In terms of energy consumption, the "VOYAH RACE THE SUNPHEV" can achieve ultra-low comprehensive fuel consumption (WLTC) of 0.5L/100km.

In terms of body size, the "VOYAH" RACE THE SUNPHEV has a body size of 5088mm × 1970mm × 1505mm, with a width of 1970mm and a wheelbase of 3000mm, it has the best second row legroom in its class. The headroom and middle aisle are also more comfortable compared to traditional fuel vehicles, making it a true "large flat floor in the car".

Inside the cabin, the "VOYAH" RACE THE SUNPHEV is equipped with fully functional concierge seats. The front driver's seat supports 12 way electric adjustment, and both front and rear seats have massage, ventilation, and heating functions. The rear seats have leg rest and electric backrest adjustment functions, achieving full configuration for the only four seats in the same class. At the same time, the "VOYAH" RACE THE SUNPHEV also has a panoramic sunroof covering an area of 2.18 square meters, coupled with deep-sea level sound insulation and noise reduction, forest level intelligent air management system, and hall level Dana sound system, creating a quiet and comfortable environment for users.

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In terms of safety, "VOYAH RACE THE SUNPHEV" has established the highest safety standards since the research and development stage, using the pioneering 2000MPa integrated thermoformed laser welded door ring and 2000MPa aluminum silicon coated door anti-collision beam, which is equivalent to the strength of an aircraft landing gear. The proportion of high-strength steel and aluminum alloy in the entire vehicle exceeds 77%, and the proportion of hot-formed steel reaches 27.3%. In addition, mica batteries and the industry's highest grade of 1500MPa ultra-high strength lower protection plate can ensure passenger safety in various extreme collision environments. The VOYAH RACE THE SUNPHEV comes standard with 31 intelligent sensors and 27 active safety functions, achieving 360 ° dead angle protection. The DMS fatigue monitoring system can reduce safety hazards caused by fatigue driving. The 540 ° ultra clear panoramic image and transparent chassis allow drivers to have a clear view of the surrounding environment of the vehicle. The AEB function also received full marks in the China Insurance Research and Development Center test.

In terms of intelligent driving, the "VOYAH" RACE THE SUNPHEV has the only L2.9 level intelligent driving assistance in its class, covering 36 intelligent driving configurations such as NOA point-to-point high-speed navigation assistance. It can achieve practical and commonly used functions such as automatic up and down ramps, automatic lane merging, parallel avoidance, road edge avoidance, and optimal lane selection in high-speed and urban expressway scenarios. At the same time, the "VOYAH" RACE THE SUNPHEV also has the most diverse parking assistant functions and application scenarios in the industry, which can perform RPA full scene remote control parking, APA full scene automatic parking, RDA following reverse, RVM remote parking, and HPP valet parking, making it easy for customers to drive.

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