The way out for new energy commercial vehicles

July 31, 2019

   ----Junfeng Company and Dongfeng Group experts and Zhejiang government officials discuss the development direction of new energy commercial vehicles


The summer is hot, and the passion for the development of new energy is constantly improving; the sun is like a fire, and efforts are being made to accelerate the rhythm of the conversion of old and new kinetic energy. In the past few days, experts from Junfeng Company, together with leaders of Dongfeng Group and local officials in Zhejiang, have investigated the development direction of new energy vehicles and conducted in-depth discussions on the development of new energy commercial vehicles.

"In the new era of clean green development, new energy vehicles have become the common choice of the world. Our local economy is developing rapidly. It is our inevitable choice to choose green vehicles for new energy vehicles, especially logistics commercial vehicles." Yiwu local leaders said that Yiwu In the city, the logistics market urgently needs to meet the green travel and cost-effective new energy commercial vehicles.

How to develop new energy commercial vehicles, experts of Junfeng Company believe that the development of China's new energy commercial vehicle industry is facing a series of favorable conditions.

First, in terms of policies, no country will develop new energy undertakings, especially in the development of new energy for commercial vehicles, and China attaches great importance to it. From the aspects of industry, consumption, and market, it has successively introduced a series of policies to provide strong industrial development. The driving force.

Second, the power matching of new energy commercial vehicles is becoming more and more diverse. Whether it is pure electric, plug-in hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell and other technologies are constantly improving. Dongfeng Company has made great progress in these models in 2018.

Third, from the market demand for new energy electric commercial vehicles, as many countries' awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, more and more people will choose low-carbon, fast travel modes. New energy commercial vehicles not only meet the new demand of green consumption, but also the technology innovation technology attracts more consumers. The lithium electricitystorm is sweeping the whole new energy commercial vehicle market at home and abroad.

"The subsidy of the decline, we need to continue to improve the technical level of our company, digesting the cost disadvantage compared with the fuel car, we can win the user recognition in the future market promotion." Dongfeng company experts believe. In the past few years, Dongfeng has achieved gratifying results in new energy commercial vehicles, ranking among the top three; in the technical path, pure electricity, hybrid, extended range, hydrogen fuel, etc. are all in full bloom; heavy trucks, medium trucks, light trucks, Micro-cards work together to play a leading role in the industry.

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After the investigation, everyone believes that seizing the opportunity and accelerating development is the only way for China's new energy commercial vehicle enterprises to make efforts to promote industrial development from various aspects.

First, based on market demand, determine the development strategy. It is necessary to make full use of the existing production qualifications and industrial base, integrate global technology research and development strength and supply chain resources, introduce advanced management concepts and manufacturing equipment technologies at home and abroad, and comprehensively upgrade existing new energy commercial vehicle products, in accordance with the direction of new fourTo create a new industrial technology and manufacturing platform that adapts to the development of intelligent networked new energy vehicles, tap the potential of the domestic market, expand the channels of overseas markets, and seize a larger market share of new energy commercial vehicles in fair competition.

Second, we attach great importance to technological innovation and achieve innovative development. It is necessary to concentrate capital and industrial strength, deeply grasp new technologies, in-depth use of new technologies, deepen the individualized needs of domestic and foreign customers, and build the core competitiveness of products, and electrify, intelligent, network, and share new energy commercial vehicles. A dominant position in technological change. In the technical path, we must take multiple steps and put it right.

Third, to expand the independent brand for the global market. Enterprises must reach international standards in planning, design, quality service, brand promotion, etc., not only to improve product competitiveness in China's new energy commercial vehicle market, but also to fully utilize the "One Belt, One Road" and other opportunities to accelerate the deployment of international markets and expand their own brands. Influence. Through unremitting efforts, we will lead the development direction of new energy commercial vehicles in the new era.

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The development prospect of new energy commercial vehicles is a vast blue ocean. Safety, energy saving, environmental protection, reliability, intelligence and high efficiency are the development direction of new energy commercial vehicles in the future.By relying on national policies and relying on local governments, state-owned enterprises and private economy to work together, we can have some new energy commercial vehicles. Make a tree. Vigorously developing new energy commercial vehicles is welcoming an unprecedented opportunity.(Xia Wu Report)