"VOYAH" Dream Home Ultimate Safety Definition Luxury

October 11, 2022

On October 8, "Lantu Dream Household Ultimate Security Definition Luxury - Active and Passive Security Challenge" was completed in Changsha. In this challenge, Landu Dreamer successfully completed the first 90 km/h super American standard high-speed rear end collision test in China.

It is reported that FMVSS301, the federal motor vehicle safety regulation of the United States, requires a rear collision speed of 80km/h and a rear impact bullet car weight of 1368kg. The rear collision speed of the Landu dreamer exceeded 100km/h, reaching 125% of the American standard. The impact bullet truck weighs 1650kg, reaching 121% of the American standard. This means that the kinetic energy of the bullet car at the time of collision is 1.88 times that of the American standard.

Landu Dreamer successfully completed the super American standard high-speed rear end collision test at a challenging speed of more than 100km/h. After evaluation, all evaluation criteria were met, and the project including door opening, no fuel leakage, seat belt pre tightening and ignition, and electric shock protection performance meeting the standards was successfully passed, and the overall excellent results were achieved and the "TOP Safety 2022 Top Safety Collision Challenge Certificate" was obtained. The challenge results are as follows:

Three electricity safety, automatic power-off of high-voltage system, no displacement, no fire, no explosion of battery pack, no leakage of electrolyte.

The safety of the passengers, the seat mounting point and the seat frame have no obvious deformation, the pre tightening function of the safety belt is activated, the safety belt has not failed, and the passengers are effectively protected.

The structure is safe, the passenger compartment is complete after the collision, and the living space for passengers is sufficient. After the collision, the door automatically unlocks and can be opened smoothly. The fuel tank is free of deformation and fuel leakage.

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Under 1.88 times of the collision energy of the world's most stringent collision standard, the body of Lando Dreamer did not undergo serious deformation, and the three rows of passenger spaces were effectively protected, thanks to the dreamer's powerful body structure. Landu Dreamer's BIW hot formed steel accounts for 23.6%, and high-strength steel accounts for more than 70%, leading the industry. The ultra-high strength anti-collision beam can instantly absorb the energy generated after the collision and reduce the damage to the rest of the vehicle except the tail; The energy absorbing box completely collapses to absorb energy, ensuring that other bearing parts are not deformed, and reducing vehicle maintainability; The two-stage fracture energy absorption design of the ultra strong all aluminum alloy rear subframe can release space and participate in energy absorption. At the same time, the high voltage system of the vehicle can be powered off rapidly within 18ms after the collision to ensure the safety of passengers and batteries. The doors are also automatically unlocked after the collision to facilitate the evacuation of passengers to a safe area.

On the same day, Landu Dreamer also successfully completed the complex scene Jizhi AEB+ESA test.

Junfeng Automobile experts believe that the safety factor of Dreamer can be comparable to any vehicle of the same level in the world, and users can choose this model with confidence.