VOYAH entered the Italian market, and the first batch of vehicles were sold out

April 17, 2024
Latest company news about VOYAH entered the Italian market, and the first batch of vehicles were sold out

On April 16th local time, Lantu Automobile launched a grand brand launch event in Italy with the theme of "Designing Evolution", becoming the first high-end new energy vehicle national team in China to enter Italy. Lantu Motors was immediately popular upon its launch, with the first batch of 100 cars sold out. In addition, Lantu Automobile made its debut at Milan Design Week with the i-Cozy concept car, winning praise from numerous top global designers.


Lu Fang, CEO of Lantu Automobile, stated, "Currently, China's new energy vehicles are in a new stage of innovation, quality, and progress. The 'intelligence content', 'green content', and 'gold content' are constantly rising, cultivating and strengthening new quality productivity, and benefiting global users with high-quality products and services from China. As a state-owned enterprise national team, Dongfeng Lantu has been continuously exploring. Today, Lantu Automobile officially landed in Italy, marking a new level of speed and quality for Lantu to go global. Starting from Italy, Lantu will continue to polish its brand, deeply cultivate the southern European market, and rely on Dongfeng Group's strong overseas resources to continuously explore the European market." "Make breakthroughs, promote the overseas landing of the full value industry chain, build world-class Chinese brands, and lead Chinese brands to go global in a new era!"

The Palace of Selberoni was once Napoleon's sleeping quarters in Milan, and has always been a venue for global top brands such as LV and FENDI to launch events. It is also a venue for major brands to hold big shows during Milan Fashion Week and Milan Design Cycle. This time, it welcomed the Italian debut of Chinese high-end new energy vehicle brand Lantu Automobile. On the evening of April 15th local time, Lantu Motors held a grand Celebrity Night event, where the Selbeloni Palace gathered with over 200 heavyweight figures from Italy, including political and business elites, cultural leaders, and film stars, to witness Lantu's debut in Italy.

With the dedicated efforts of the top design team at Lantu Automotive International, the atrium of the Selbeloni Palace has transformed into a garden that harmoniously blends technology and culture. Italian luxury perfectly blends with Eastern craftsmanship, and the classical and magnificent palace harmoniously blends with rich modern technological elements. The Lantu brand exhibition, which lasted for 7 days and 7 nights, has officially opened, bringing a diverse experience to all the public and tourists in Milan.


Throughout the years, Lantu Automobile has won a good reputation among a large number of loyal overseas users with its excellent driving quality and safety quality comparable to traditional luxury cars in Europe. At the same time, in Milan, Italy, where famous brands gather, many social celebrities have shown great interest in the Lantu, believing that regardless of product design, interior space, and decoration, the Lantu car is no less than a traditional high-end European brand. They are very much looking forward to the test drive experience in the future.


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This time, Lantu Motors landed in Italy with the new Lantu FREE, the new Lantu Dreamer, and the Lantu Chase Light, which were immediately popular. The first batch of 100 cars were sold out. "Lantu Motors' product performance is excellent, comfortable to ride, and has good safety performance. Its comprehensive strength is ahead of traditional luxury cars in Europe. We will sincerely cooperate with Lantu Motors to provide excellent products and unparalleled car buying experience for Italian users." Italian dealer CarMobility CEO Bruno MAFRICI highly praised Lantu's products and has full confidence in the prospects of cooperation with Lantu Motors.

On the occasion of this year's Milan Design Week, Lantu Automobile, as the only Chinese high-end new energy brand invited to exhibit, entered Milan with the i-Cozy concept car and made a stunning appearance on the Durini Street, where high-end home furnishings are gathered, receiving praise from many top designers around the world. In addition, Lantu Automobile also collaborated with the well-known home furnishing brand Natuzzi to jointly showcase the i-Cozy concept car and Natuzzi's new products on Durini Street, becoming a popular check-in point at Milan Design Week.




During this Italian debut, Lantu Motors also collaborated with Italian world-class genius artist Macantonio to combine nature and industry, breaking cultural barriers with extraordinary imagination, and perfectly presenting creative sculptures representing different powers and species, becoming the finishing touch of the entire "show".


"Through a series of exhibitions and activities, Lantu aims to achieve harmonious coexistence between the vastness of nature, the flow of technology, and human creation, aiming to break down the barriers between different cultures, regions, and concepts. Lantu's products are not only a car, but also vividly interpret the beauty of Eastern culture with unique Chinese aesthetic design. At the same time, combining cutting-edge innovative technology, it injects more new ideas and vitality into creative promotion of fashion, technology, and environmental protection concepts." Macantonio said.

Since going global in 2022, Lantu Automobile has successively entered European countries such as Norway, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic within two years, exporting nearly 10000 vehicles. It is the only high-end new energy brand of a state-owned enterprise deeply rooted in the European market and has become a model for state-owned automobile enterprises going global.


Italy has a profound history and cultural accumulation of automobiles, and in recent years, it has continuously increased investment in the new energy field, becoming a "blue ocean" for China's new energy vehicles to go global. The entry of Lantu Automobile into Italy and its appearance at Milan Design Week once again showcases the leading strength of China's automotive industry and the charm of Chinese culture. In addition to introducing the new Lantu FREE, Lantu Dreamer, and Lantu Chase, Lantu hybrid models will also enter Italy as soon as possible, achieving the full power mode of Lanhai Power to go global.


This year, Landu will devote itself to the southern European market led by Italy, actively integrate into the local value chain, plan to land in Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Portugal and other European countries, actively respond to the "the Belt and Road" development initiative, bring products and services to more countries along the line, and show more overseas users the power of Chinese brands.


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