VOYAH will launch three new cars in the second half of the year

July 18, 2023
Latest company news about VOYAH will launch three new cars in the second half of the year

As a high-end smart electric vehicle brand created by Dongfeng Group, "VOYAH" Automobile shoulders the important mission of promoting the upward and strategic transformation of Dongfeng brand. Since the birth of the brand, "VOYAH" automobile has experienced many adverse effects, such as epidemic impact, unstable supply chain, rising raw material prices, but still completed the new energy strategic layout. Its products cover SUV, MPV, and sedan, becoming the Chinese new energy vehicles enterprise with most complete product layout.

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On July 14th, VOYAH held a mid 2023 performance communication meeting. At the meeting, VOYAH stated that its cumulative sales in the first half of the year exceeded 15051 vehicles, and it has maintained monthly sales of over 3000 vehicles for four consecutive months. At the same time, VOYAH also hopes that its sales volume in 2023 will double from last year.


In the second half of the year, there will be multiple new products launched for the "VOYAH" car, including the new "VOYAH" FREE, the Chasing Light PHEV launched in the third quarter, and the mid size SUV launched in the fourth quarter. In addition, a new "VOYAH" Technology Day will be held in the second half of the year to showcase the layout of "VOYAH" in new energy technology.


Brand renewal and upgrading, with sales volume exceeding 15000 units in the first half of the year.


At the beginning of 2023, the price war initiated by Tesla has attracted widespread attention both inside and outside the automotive industry. In just a few weeks, many car companies have launched a wave of "price reduction", and the entire market's price war is in full swing. However, the price war has not brought growth to the overall sales of the car market, but rather a serious wait-and-see sentiment among users, which is a very difficult stage for any brand.


Against this backdrop, the "VOYAH" car still showed strong resilience in the first half of 2023, not only achieving steady sales growth, but also completing brand renovations and upgrades. At the same time, it also released its first sedan, the "VOYAH" Chase, and the "VOYAH" Dreamer released the OTA 2.0 version.


In addition, VOYAH continues to promote technological innovation and has made significant breakthroughs in core technologies. In addition, it has established an innovative operating model and created a "self operated+partner" direct sales ecosystem to provide consumers with more thoughtful services


Firstly, in terms of sales, in June 2023, VOYAH delivered 3007 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 150%. Since March, VOYAH has maintained monthly sales of over 3000 vehicles for four consecutive months. In the first half of 2023, VOYAH's cumulative sales exceeded 15000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 119%. The sales in the first half of the year are already very close to the full year of last year.


Indeed, the reason why VOYAH has achieved such good sales performance in the fiercely competitive market is due to its technological and innovative advantages. As a new car manufacturing force backed by central enterprises, "VOYAH" launched three new cars in less than three years, achieving full coverage of the three mainstream markets of sedans, SUVs, and MPVs.


In addition to constantly advancing new products, "VOYAH" has also launched a self-developed architecture combination of "ESSA+SOA Intelligent Electric Biomimetic unit", which is composed of "ESSA Native Intelligent Electric Architecture" and "Central Centralized SOA Electronic and Electrical Architecture". It is the world's first dual power electric drive dedicated architecture that is being developed, and "VOYAH" Chasing Light is from this architecture.


Secondly, at the Shanghai Auto Show held in April, the "VOYAH" automotive brand underwent a new upgrade, aiming to enable consumers to better perceive the Chinese style and elegant brand concept of the "VOYAH" brand visually. At the same time, it also demonstrated its sincerity and dedication in providing consumers with high-end new energy vehicle products and services with Chinese cultural heritage and wisdom.


It is undeniable that in order for consumers to have a deeper understanding of the connotation and style bestowed by the brand, it is necessary to have strong and powerful products as support. The third new car of "VOYAH" car, "VOYAH" Chasing Light, was officially launched at the Shanghai Auto Show, and the new car is also the first sedan model launched by the brand.

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The arrival of the new car will also form a more comprehensive product matrix with "VOYAH" FREE and "VOYAH" dreamers, covering various segmented markets such as sedans, SUVs, MPVs, etc. In terms of power form, there are also various options such as pure electric and extended range, meeting consumers' diverse preferences for using the car while helping to stabilize the "VOYAH" market foundation.


Not only that, in early July, "VOYAH" Dreamers officially released the OTA 2.0 version, adding 26 new features, 33 experience optimizations, and a total of 59 upgraded content. More exclusive scenes allow the electric luxury flagship MPV to evolve again.


As a high-end electric luxury MPV suitable for business and family use, the "VOYAH" dreamer caters to the driving needs of both family and business scenarios, possessing superior driving quality and comprehensive active and passive safety advantages. The continuous functional updates also allow the "VOYAH" dreamer to evolve and continuously improve the user's driving experience.


Since the birth of the brand, VOYAH has always attached great importance to technological innovation and adhered to the principle of self research throughout the entire stack, forming a series of industry-leading innovative technologies such as ESSA native intelligent electric architecture, central centralized SOA electronic and electrical architecture, intelligent driving cloud platform, 800V fast charging, integrated thermal management module, high-efficiency motor, "amber" and "mica" battery systems.


In addition, "VOYAH" cars have made leapfrog breakthroughs in the field of semi Solid-state battery and intelligent driving. "VOYAH" Chasing Light has carried the first generation of self-developed semi Solid-state battery system, which is also the first semi Solid-state battery to be mass produced and loaded in the industry. This battery adopts the high nickel 8-series ternary and gel state semi-solid technology, and the 82kW · h battery pack provides 580km (CLTC) full endurance.


In order to meet more user needs, VOYAH has launched a "self operated+partner" direct sales ecosystem on the basis of direct sales. At present, "VOYAH" has opened a total of 220 stores nationwide, including "VOYAH" spaces, "VOYAH" flagship stores, and "VOYAH" delivery service centers. It is expected that by 2023, the number of VOYAH sales and service stores will increase to 398, covering 120 cities worldwide.

Pay more attention to users and launch three new cars in the second half of the year.


In the second half of 2023, it seems that the car market will start a new round of price reduction. Volkswagen, Tesla, Cadillac and other car companies have introduced the price war into the pure electric market. From the perspective of the imbalance between supply and demand in the car market, the price war in the car market in the second half of 2023 is bound to not end, and the competition will become more intense.


In response to this, "VOYAH" automobiles are also actively responding. In the second half of the year, they will hold User's Night and the new "VOYAH" Technology Day, while also deepening product layout, technological innovation, and accelerating overseas markets to enhance market competitiveness.


We can see that many car companies hold fan carnivals to increase communication opportunities between car companies and users. Similarly, "VOYAH" car hosting user nights not only brings closer relationships with users, but also becomes an important channel for releasing information such as "VOYAH" service plans and user ecology.


It is understood that in the user night held in the second half of 2023, "VOYAH" will actively innovate and create a grand event for users to gather with the brand, a press conference to achieve self transcendence through technology, allowing users to experience brand value more comprehensively and deeply, and gain more sense of participation, integration, and identification. In the second half of this year, "VOYAH" will also hold a new "VOYAH" Science and Technology Day to showcase its accumulation in the field of new energy.


It is undeniable that products are an important support for sales. At the meeting, VOYAH announced that in the second half of this year, it will launch new "VOYAH" FREE and "VOYAH" Chasing the light PHEV versions. Both models will improve their competitiveness and experience in intelligent products. In addition, a mid size SUV will be launched in the fourth quarter, further enriching the VOYAH car product lineup.


Among them, the new "VOYAH" FREE has made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, bringing users a new driving experience with cutting-edge design, excellent intelligent performance, and powerful performance. It is worth noting that the new car is likely to adopt Baidu Apollo intelligent driving system, which will improve the competitiveness and experience of intelligent products.


Lu Fang, CEO of VOYAH, is also full of confidence in this car. He stated that the intelligent driving experience of the new "VOYAH" FREE is very good and relatively advanced. Coupled with a younger appearance, it is more convenient for users to spread. We will communicate more deeply, learn some good experiences, and promote this model well.


The "VOYAH" light chasing PHEV version will also be officially launched in the second half of the year. The new car is positioned as a business administration new energy car, with spacious and comfortable seating space, and the configuration is far superior to the same level. It is equipped with CDC+air suspension with magic carpet function, first-class rear seats+two row leg trailers and other configurations, and its comprehensive range exceeds 1000 km. It not only enjoys the electric feeling, but also has no Range anxiety.


It is understood that in addition to launching a heavyweight new car, "VOYAH" cars will continue to make efforts in the intelligent travel ecosystem. It is expected that the developer platform will be launched (or partially launched) in the second half of 2023, working together with users, software developers, and hardware suppliers to build a "VOYAH" ecosystem and empower users to travel and live.


It is understood that the "VOYAH" developer platform can freely combine 280 functions of vehicles, covering the fields of power, cockpit, intelligent driving, and vehicle body. Users can achieve private customization, with software developers and hardware manufacturers providing a unified interface, providing more possibilities for vehicle expansion.


In addition, based on the developer platform under the SOA architecture, "VOYAH" has developed the first vehicle mounted 3D neural interactive bracelet, which can control the vehicle through micro gestures. Such gestures are not limited to the inside and outside of the vehicle, nor limited to the location, greatly improving the efficiency of human-computer interaction.


Nowadays, Chinese automobile brands have made significant progress in terms of products, technology, and services, and have achieved many remarkable results. During the communication meeting, we also learned that "VOYAH" cars will accelerate their layout in overseas markets in the second half of the year, bringing high-end new energy vehicle experiences to overseas users and demonstrating the strong strength of China's high-end automobile manufacturing.

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In the second half of 2023, "VOYAH" will continue to explore overseas markets, and it is expected that "VOYAH" Dreamers will officially launch in the European market in September 2023. At the same time, "VOYAH" also plans to enter countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and subsequently plans to enter markets in countries such as Germany and France. In addition, we will continue to deepen and promote market layout in regions such as Israel and the Middle East, and accelerate the speed of overseas market layout. Junfeng Company has accelerated its product layout by selling "VOYAH" to countries such as the Middle East and West Africa.


It can be seen that "VOYAH" cars will continue to adhere to technological innovation, further enrich their product lineup, build stronger core competitiveness, and achieve higher quality development of the brand, providing more users with high-quality electric travel experiences.