What makes Nano Box-the top gun of new energy vehicles-eligible to stand up to its counterparts?

March 13, 2023
Latest company news about What makes Nano Box-the top gun of new energy vehicles-eligible to stand up to its counterparts?

In 2023, with the support of policies and the efforts of the industry, China's auto consumption market is undergoing recovery. In the current market of commuter vehicle, the small pure electric SUV nano BOX, with its superior product power, has achieved instant sales and become the first choice for many consumers to buy pure electric scooters.

    As a business unit of the central enterprise Dongfeng Group, the renaming and establishment of Dongfeng Nano means that its focus on the small pure electric track is more clear, and also indicates that Dongfeng Nano officially starts its independent brand operation as the second-level segment of Dongfeng Group. In the Chinese auto market, the first car brand focusing on small and pure electric vehicles has finally ushered in. With the renaming as the starting point, Dongfeng Nano is bound to expand its strength in China's small pure electric vehicle market and bring more surprises to consumers.

As a pure electric SUV, it is no accident that Nano BOX can become the first choice against its counterparts. Why do we say that? Because there are too many "partial undergraduates" at the same level, most of them can't solve the five typical user pain points.

Three-door design is generally adopted for the pure electric vehicles of the same level, which is extremely inconvenient for passengers to get on and off, and the safety is far lower than that of five-door vehicles; In order to pursue a compact body, some vehicles try to compress the ride space as much as possible, and even completely abandon the load space. In terms of endurance and energy replenishment, there are more slot points. A large number of pure electric vehicle for commuter of the same level on the market do not have fast charging, and slow charging takes 8 hours or more. In the current era of fast-paced life, this kind of energy supplement performance can not meet the basic travel needs of users, let alone the diversified needs of short-distance travel, outdoor off-road and so on.

 In order to solve so many of the above pain points, this pure electric vehicle must meet the following five standards: fast charging, five doors, large space, strong chassis, and high safety! These five standards are exactly the result of Dongfeng Nano's product research and development team's in-depth observation of the user's life and the summary of the vehicle scene. That is why the order of the Nano BOX reached 10000 in 24 hours and the sales volume in December 2022 reached the top 10 of the sales volume of new energy SUVs. Therefore, in the same level of pure electric commuter vehicle market, it is difficult to find a more comprehensive, versatile and cost-effective model than the Nano BOX!

Next, let's have a deep study of this pure electric SUV nanoBOX, which has emerged at the historic moment, is popular in the market and is popular in the world. See how it brings its own five "killer maces" to accurately and directly attack users' travel pain points.

It takes the time for a cup of coffee to charge it to 80% of its capacity. With fast charging in your hand, you are free on the way.

When users choose a pure electric vehicle, the most important thing is the battery life and charging. Compared with fuel vehicles, the vehicle cost of pure electric vehicles is very low, but the time cost of charging is higher than that of fuel vehicles. It often takes 8 hours of slow charging, which greatly affects the user's travel experience.

Therefore, if you do not want it to become an electric "burden", fast charging is necessary for the same level of pure electric vehicles. However, many manufacturers do not provide the very practical configuration of fast charging for their models due to cost considerations. If the car use scenario is only used to buy vegetables to pick up children and take a short journey in the city, the impact of slow charging is not obvious during the night and the day. But if you want to camp in the suburbs on weekends and take a long-distance self-driving trip, you need not think about it. If you are not charging, you must be on the way to charging.

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In order to solve the charging anxiety of users in the pure electric commuter vehicle market, Nano BOX is equipped with a fast charging function. Among them, the light wind version of CLTC has a comprehensive driving range of 201km, which is enough to cover most scenarios of users' daily travel. The vehicle supports DC fast charging and AC slow charging. The fast charging can complete 30% - 80% of the recharge in 32 minutes, and the time for a cup of coffee can return to the electricity at a very fast speed. It can follow the wind and enjoy the scenery along the way, and the slow charging can only take 3 hours to start with full power. The Wind-seeking version is equipped with a Ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 27.17kWh/28.9kWh, with a range of 331km and 351km under the CLTC comprehensive working conditions, and is equipped with fast and slow charging as standard, with a range performance of rolling over the same level of vehicles, which can not only meet the user's daily car demand of "charging once for a week", but also can start a weekend camping and short trip at any time.

Free boarding and alighting can be achieved in one second by two more doors of the pure electric vehicles

If the three-door version of the electric car only meets the needs of the front row, the five-door nano BOX is to make the whole car have a more comfortable driving experience, and the rear row passengers can get off easily without putting down the front row.

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In addition to the freedom of getting on and off, Nano BOX has also raised the safety standard of the courtesy car market. As one of the rare pure electric SUV models in the same level of scooter market, the Nano BOX is designed with five doors and four seats. Its safety is stronger than that of the two-door minicar without B-pillar, which greatly improves the safety of the vehicle. The safety protection for users is also far better than that of the three-door model, which also provides users with a more convenient and safer vehicle choice in the same level of commuter vehicle market.

All five members of the family can fit into the space beyond the grade and enjoy the comfort

         From the perspective of body size, the length, width and height of nanoBOX are 3732 * 1579 * 1515mm respectively. However, due to the design of short front overhang and short rear overhang, the wheelbase of the vehicle reaches 2423mm. As we all know, the size of the space of the vehicle depends on the axle length ratio (wheelbase is longer than the vehicle), and the extreme axle length ratio of the nanoBOX also allows it to have the space beyond the level, which brings more comfortable experience for the driver and passenger. At the same time, it also allows the rear row to have sufficient space to install child seats, and truly realize the family's collectivetravel.  

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Also benefiting from the space performance of leapfrog, the volume of the back compartment of the Nano BOX has reached 300L, which can easily hold all the luggage of a family on a long journey, so that the walk-away journey can also be realized on a small new energy vehicle. Moreover, after the second row is put down, the loading space is expanded to 1107L, and the camping suit can be put freely.

Climbing the hill, crossing the ridge, traveling everywhere, hard core chassis, can be used in the city or in the wild

In most people's perception, the scooter is only suitable for commuting in the city, and it is impossible to travel away from the city to the "poem and distance" in the suburbs. Therefore, many users who choose the pure electric scooter can only flinch from "off-road".

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However, the emergence of nanoBOX has broken people's consistent understanding of the commuter vehicle. This car is derived from the Renault - Nissan - Mitsubishi Alliance CMF-A platform. The chassis is adjusted by the Renault team. The vehicle performance meets the Alliance's global development standards. The handling stability, braking performance and driving experience are far superior to the same level. In addition, the minimum ground clearance of nanoBOX is 150 mm, which can cope with most complex road conditions in a leisurely manner and meet the user's demand for multi-scene vehicles that can be used in cities and off-road.

Three-dimensional shield is safe for users to travel

In the era of fuel vehicles, consumers pay little attention to vehicle safety. However, since the launch of new energy vehicles, users have always paid high attention to the safety of vehicles, especially the safety of batteries.

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In general, the user's focus on the safety of new energy vehicles is mainly on the body safety, charging safety, battery collision safety, etc. Therefore, nanoBOX has also made great efforts in safety. The vehicle adopts up to four layers of ten-weight battery safety protection and 980Mpa ultra-high strength steel body protection, which meet the highest international ASIL-D safety level standard. In cooperation with the driver and passenger airbag, child seat fixing device, child door lock, ABS system and EBD brake force distribution system, the customer is given the greatest sincerity with a down-to-earth safety configuration.

Write at the end: there is a policy of "Dongfeng"(a critical element to success in Chinese) outside, and there is a strength of "Dongfeng" inside. As a pure electric SUV built by Dongfeng Nano for users, Nano BOX meets users' more diverse vehicle scenarios and higher quality transport needs by virtue of its five product capabilities far beyond the same level. It has not only successfully solved the travel pain point of the small pure electric commuter vehicle market, but also raised the product standard of the commuter vehicle market, becoming the well-deserved preferred commuter vehicle.