Wisdom Junfeng challenges the future

September 26, 2020
Smart manufacturing, smart travel, smart cities, smart life, smart vehicles, the concept of "smart" jumps in front of us one by one.

How to face the future of Junfeng Company and "Junfeng" Automobile, closely following Dongfeng's future wisdom strategy, there have been gratifying progress, and the wisdom results have been shown one by one.
During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, in the face of the diversified competition and cooperation of the industry, Dongfeng Junfeng focused on the overall situation and faced the future, and made a strategic decision to become an "excellent enterprise providing users with a full range of high-quality automotive products and services."

This is a seed of great change, growing at an alarming rate.

The product layout is smart cars, and the service layout is smart travel and smart logistics. Dongfeng strives to promote the integration of smart cars, smart travel, and smart logistics into the overall development of the “dual cycle” of domestic and international mutual promotion. With a series of smart construction achievements, Dongfeng continues to climb toward the cutting-edge technology of the automotive industry.

Strategic choices for the future

——Stride forward, let scientific and technological innovation play a full role in the construction of smart Dongfeng

Looking back at the development of Smart Dongfeng, Dongfeng's 2018 work conference revealed the development logic of a company that embraces the future. After that, Junfeng Motor did not fall behind.

Mastering common forward-looking technologies and new business models to provide customers with overall logistics solutions and smart travel solutions were clearly proposed at this conference.

From the perspective of industry competition, both international auto companies and domestic advanced companies have accelerated their layout in the revolutionary direction of intelligent networking this year. Dongfeng must seize the first-mover advantage, time is not waiting for us.

Passive is not good, and active is not good.

The fast-moving Chinese automobile industry has now reached a junction that is critical to the future-the market growth rate continues to slow down, industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and differentiation and elimination are inevitable. At this time, traditional businesses must face the challenge of continuing to enhance their competitiveness, and emerging businesses must face the challenge of cultivating and developing as quickly as possible.

Many problems have followed one after another, which has a profound and complex impact on the pattern of the automobile industry.

In June 2018, the ninth party congress of Dongfeng Company put forward: "Intelligent connected vehicles will bring about brand-new changes in products and industries, and it is urgent to accelerate the development of intelligent connected vehicles."

"This is the direction of Dongfeng's innovative and intelligent development in the field of intelligent network connection. During the '13th Five-Year Plan' period, the results of the construction of intelligent Dongfeng also began, and have continued to emerge in the past few years." In the eyes of Vice Minister Bian Ning, it is this judgment of "to challenge with the new" that unleashes the vitality of enterprises to promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and industry.

Coordinate and promote the coordinated development of emerging and traditional businesses, especially actively cultivating new kinetic energy to hedge against the weakening of traditional kinetic energy. "This is at stake for Dongfeng's future and destiny."

More open and cooperative thinking, more rapid development of unmanned driving technology research and industrialization, greater efforts to improve the capabilities in the three fields of big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence... Dongfeng’s pace, and the most important elements for building smart Dongfeng Active place.

To grasp the development of wisdom is to grasp the development of the enterprise, and to seek the development of wisdom is to seek the future of the enterprise.

In February 2019, Junfeng smart vehicles were tested in Wuhan Development Zone.

September 22, 2019, by the Yangtze River. With the official inauguration of the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Wuhan) Test Demonstration Zone, Dongfeng has provided 36 vehicles in 10 categories for demonstration operation and testing in the demonstration zone.

On September 23, 2019, Dongfeng Company's 4th Science and Technology Innovation Week. At the opening ceremony, Zhu Yanfeng, Chairman of Dongfeng Company and Secretary of the Party Committee, experienced autonomous driving technology, and unveiled the prelude to manned operation of “automatic driving” in complex working conditions in the industry city.

September 25, 2019, Wudang Mountain, Shiyan, Hubei. Dongfeng's autonomous driving technology once again shines. Dongfeng Fengshen Yixuan set off from Wudang Mountain to Shiyan East, 33 kilometers high-speed road conditions, and successfully arrived in 20 minutes.

One month later, the Ninth World Military Games. Dongfeng once again held the Smart Car Achievement Exhibition to accelerate the deployment of smart cars and smart travel, and drive the development of the smart networked car industry and the construction of ecological services in Wuhan.

Let scientific and technological innovation play a role in the field of smart Dongfeng construction, Dongfeng strides forward.

Every time a new product or application comes out, it is like a key to the future of China's automobile industry. In the world’s new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, whoever holds the key to the key core technology will be confident in the trend and move forward steadily.

The future is now

——Continuously approaching the vision of future smart transportation, smart city, and smart economy

The key core technology is the country's most important weapon-reviewing the words of General Secretary Xi Jinping, with a lot of emotion and lofty ambition.

2020 is the year when the "13th Five-Year Plan" is finalized, and the results of smart Dongfeng construction are also released. Standing at a new starting point, Dongfeng is closer to the vision of future smart transportation, smart city, and smart economy.

Inject smart momentum into the industry. Dongfeng's gradual and leaping routes develop in parallel, achieving industry-leading scenario coverage. Passenger car products have been intelligently upgraded to reach L4 level, commercial vehicles have leaped to L4 level, and closed-scene models have been mass-produced; promote the development and verification of unmanned vehicles, promote 11 core technologies, 6 key resources, and 7 major Support capacity building is implemented in an orderly manner.

Contribute wisdom to the city. Continuous delivery of L4 level unmanned container trucks, Dongfeng promotes 5G+ unmanned driving to empower smart port construction; in the "Smart Travel Longzhong" project, Dongfeng provides a complete set of solutions for urban smart transportation, and contributes Dongfeng thinking and models to building a smart city During the National Two Sessions, Dongfeng proposed to develop unmanned delivery vehicles to provide effective solutions to the "last mile" problem of delivery.

Contribute a blueprint of wisdom to society. Whether it is strategic thinking or action, Dongfeng always regards "wisdom" as a key step to realize its corporate dreams. Discuss the method and path of wisdom leading to the future, build a smart travel ecosystem, and start smart logistics projects. With a number of smart Dongfeng construction achievements, Dongfeng has promoted the collaborative integration of “vehicle-road-network-cloud” and realized the evolution from “bicycle intelligence” to “group intelligence”.

When the new infrastructure presses the fast forward button, the Internet, 5G, AI, big data, cloud computing, intelligent network connection and other technology applications continue to break.

This blue ocean has attracted many "super dreamers" from all over the world. This year, the epidemic accelerated the pace of smart economy development.

What can enterprises as market players do in the meantime? Dongfeng keeps pursuing the answer to this question.

From obtaining the first European driverless road test license of a Chinese car company in 2018, to multiple hard-core appearances of autonomous driving technology in 2019, and then participating in the establishment of China Auto Chuangzhi and the release of a new high-end electric brand "Lantu" in 2020 , Sharing-VAN1.0 Plus mass production off the assembly line, equipped with WindLink 4.0 Pro artificial intelligence vehicle system Fengshen Yixuan GS launched, the silicon step will reach a thousand miles.

July 3, 2020, 11 o'clock in the evening.

The international standards organization 3GPP announced the freeze of the R16 standard, which marked the birth of the first 5G-V2X standard. Vehicles are connected to everything, and the future is now.

At Dongfeng, the products and achievements of V2X technology, namely RoboTaxi, Dongfeng Fengshen Yixuan GS, etc., were inspected by the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council Han Zheng. Han Zheng asked Dongfeng to look for the road and be firm in innovation. .

On this road, Dongfeng is committed to taking core technologies into its own hands, and is committed to building an innovative value community with cities and enterprises.

In September 2020, the preliminary display of Junfeng UAV results was a blockbuster, dazzling the industry and attracted envy.

This year, Dongfeng’s autonomous driving pilot project was signed, and platforms such as China’s first mass-produced L4 5G autonomous car Sharing-VAN, RoboTaxi autonomous taxis, and other platforms will carry out smart travel scenarios demonstrations, and Dongfeng will work with cities to build smart connected cars And self-driving cars.

This year, Dongfeng has teamed up with leading Internet companies such as Huawei and Tencent, and 5G operators such as China Mobile and China Unicom to promote new technological innovation represented by new energy and intelligent network connections, and is in the process of promoting the implementation of smart cars and smart travel strategies. In, let intelligent networked products gradually move from the laboratory to the consumer.

The product is the carrier of technology and civilization, and the user is the export of product value. The opening of the 2020 (sixteenth) Beijing International Automobile Exhibition is imminent. Dongfeng will focus on "who my customers are, what my customers need, what can I do for my customers, and what else can I do for customers", With a series of smart Dongfeng construction achievements, it will bring consumers a stronger sense of participation.

Wisdom Junfeng and Wisdom Dongfeng challenge the future, see you in Beijing.