different spring

February 8, 2022
In the Year of the Tiger, his Spring Festival must be unusual;

Facts prove it all.


New Year's Eve, the third day of the first lunar month,

Shanghai Nangang Wharf,

Sales personnel, logistics personnel, and factory after-sales service personnel are urgently maintaining and inspecting vehicles that are about to be shipped.

Check more than 120 export vehicles ready to be loaded one by one,

handle emergencies,

To ensure that it can successfully pass the acceptance on board;

the fourth day of the new year,

spring day,

The season of the year is spring,

He held a conference call with merchants as far away as South America,

Discussed the actions of spring,

Spring sales are deployed;


the fifth day of the new year,

The regional sales manager of a long-distance driving vehicle is rushing to a county seat 200 kilometers away,

He will go to the taxi company manager and driver "New Year's greetings",

At the same time send "Junfeng" greetings;


On the sixth night of the New Year's Eve,

A big blizzard fell on the land of Central China,

How many branches were crushed by the blizzard,

How many equipment and pipelines are at risk of freezing,

How many people do she carry with her,

At the risk of slippery cold weather,

Arrived at the scene of Kuqa,

Check the condition of commercial vehicles;


From the first to the eighth day,

He is still drawing;

she's still answering emails;

He is dealing with after-sales inquiries from users;

She analyzes the market changes after the festival;

he is. . . . . . ;

she is at. . . . . . ;



Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger,

We are having an extraordinary time!

We have an unusual start!

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