Inaugural flight of new route, 1,500 Dongfeng vehicles are exported to South America

February 13, 2022
On January 29, the maiden voyage ceremony of Dongfeng Motor's South America route was held. It is reported that Dongfeng Import and Export Corporation exported 3,013 vehicles in January, a year-on-year increase of 264%.

 On the afternoon of January 29, the inaugural voyage ceremony of Dongfeng Motor's South America route was held at the Nansha Car Terminal of Guangzhou Port. 1,500 Dongfeng Motor's various export best-selling models took the world's largest Ro-Ro ship company NYK Ro-Ro ship "ARIES LEADER (Aries Leader)" ”, and will gradually arrive in South America, Chile, Peru and other countries. This maiden voyage broke the historical record of single-vessel shipments of Dongfeng Import & Export Corporation, and also opened a new export route for Dongfeng Motor from Nansha to South America.

At the maiden voyage ceremony, Dongfeng Motor Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Nansha Port Office. The two parties will work together to carry out strategic cooperation in the field of international logistics and work together to solve or alleviate the problems of tight transport capacity and high freight costs faced by Dongfeng Motor's exports. Dongfeng Junfeng will take this route to sell more new energy vehicles to the South American market in the future.

After years of intensive cultivation, Dongfeng Motor has been widely recognized in the South American market. Entering 2022, the Dongfeng brand will make efforts in many major markets such as Chile, Peru, and Ecuador at the same time, and the export situation is improving. However, due to the high shortage of transportation capacity, Dongfeng products are in a state of short supply locally.

In order to ensure the successful completion of this export, Dongfeng Import and Export Co., Ltd. has closely contacted relevant units, formulated security plans with terminals and agents, and paid close attention to epidemic prevention and control, ship planning, berth arrangement, personnel organization, yard preparation, port scheduling, and export customs declaration. , inspection and quarantine and other links, after multiple rounds of coordinated efforts by all parties, it only took 5 days to facilitate the successful delivery of 1,500 vehicles.

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The successful launch of the inaugural voyage ceremony means that Dongfeng Motor has opened up a major channel for going to sea from Guangzhou Port, which is an example of efficient going to sea. In recent years, with the strong rise of Chinese manufacturing, Dongfeng brand and Dongfeng Junfeng have a good development momentum overseas. It is hoped that all parties will strengthen cooperation, continuously increase the share of independent auto brands in overseas markets, and jointly revitalize national brands.