Differential "intelligence and electrification" is the future development direction of Junfeng Autom

December 5, 2019

Recently, Junfeng Company held the 2020 Strategic Development Seminar to discuss future development strategies and plans. The meeting invited industry experts, economists, business model practitioners, and manufacturers to participate in the discussion.

At present, the automobile industry is facing the development trend of intelligence and electrification, and the market share of traditional automobiles has gradually decreased. In order to adapt to the "Four characteristics +"(Intelligent, electrified, connected, shared + lightweight) trend of the automotive industry, how to make breakthroughs in digital technology, electronic technology, smart induction, electric start, and light weight reduction, etc., and apply it well in future car models while taking environmental protection into consideration , Safety, comfort, humanities business, life and other factors, this is a very huge subject. Participants had a serious discussion with the experts.

BMW decided to invest 400 million euros in the development of electric vehicles, Audi reduced its number of employees by 9,000 in the field of traditional vehicles and added 2,000 in the field of electric vehicles, and Tesla launched a mass listing of localized electric vehicles in Shanghai; The domestic automobile production capacity is over 15 million, and high-quality products are seriously inadequate. The top ten domestic auto companies have all invested in the "Four characteristics" as their development direction. ... the industry is facing challenges.

Looking at the current development situation of the global automotive industry, we clearly see that this is a big battle that has already begun.

In recent years, China ’s auto industry old brand companies and some new forces have invested a lot of capital to conduct intelligent and electric exploration, which has given us a lot of experience and also given us a lot of inspiration. The development over the past few years has made us soberly realize that the automobile industry is a capital-intensive, technology-intensive, and cultural-intensive industry. It is necessary to see the future direction of development, make forward-looking judgments, and also earnestly Analyze your own foundation and strength; at the same time, it takes a lot of effort in brand building and core competitiveness to be able to have a place in the industry. Car manufacturers without brands cannot compete with brand companies; car manufacturers without core competitiveness are just passengers.

Experts from the meeting believe that as a smart and new energy vehicle technology developer and business model explorer, Junfeng Motor Company must rely on the recent development experience of the Chinese automotive industry, learn lessons, and make full use of its own mechanism, regional resources, The advantages of the group, combined with its own characteristics, find out the differentiated development direction and development areas, explore differentiated markets, and develop themselves.

The meeting clearly stated that our future direction is: "Born for pulchritude, Popular in the World", "JOY FUN", "Just for you".

We have to work hard for this!