"Travel business" in the harsh winte

December 9, 2019
(Reporter Xia Wu reports from Wuhan)Recently, the Internet reported that, on December 1, Dongfeng Travel pioneered the industry and held the "Dongfeng Travel Taxi Festival". On that day, the call orders were as high as 350,000, and the orders were nearly 50,000. This is a carnival for users to ride for free, and it is a powerful practice for Dongfeng Travel's innovative marketing. This is the result of the efforts of all members of Dongfeng Changxing and the record of coordinated operations of various departments.

At 8 am on December 1, employees of Dongfeng Changxing You Dongguo wore overalls, badges, small cookies and mineral water, and went to the car wash to clean the vehicles. After completing a series of "prescribed actions", You Dongguo began to take orders. On the same day, more than one hundred employees who had passed the "Online Taxi Driver's License", like him, took orders and provided high-quality travel services to users. After a day, they have no time to eat and dare not drink water, and at the same time, they have collected a lot of feelings from front-line users while ensuring their transportation capacity.

Some netizens left a message saying: "Although I have called several times and waited longer than usual, the service is as good as usual!" On the day of the event, Dongfeng went on a trip "it is difficult to find a car." "Shooting a car with a shake, fast order receiving, short waiting time, convenient and fast!" Dongfeng travel operating vehicles with "12.1" stickers posted in Jiangcheng Wuhan and Shicheng, Checheng, carrying passengers towards their Destination, and passengers are also happy to recommend Dongfeng to friends around.

Such a big promotion reflects the market situation of the travel business from another aspect. The severe winter of the travel platform did come.

On the "T3" platform, more than 3,000 E70s were listed in Jiangcheng. The platform has a unique capital system and the first discount is very attractive. There is a guaranteed salary for drivers. It goes online for 9 hours a day, of which the peak time is not less than 4 hours. What is the order volume? The author made two special trips to ask the driver, and learned from the answers that the income was not satisfactory.

Gaode's travel platform, the author rented a car for a test drive for three days. On the first day, starting at 7 am and finishing work for 11 hours at 8 pm, the income was 205.00 yuan. The car turned on the street, no one ordered, and the small platform may know fewer people; the next day, the time was about the same, and the income was more than 200 yuan. knock off. It seems that small platform travel business is more difficult to do.

It is reported that the business of many other platforms is also the same, without the "didi" platform situation is better.

When the shared travel platform vehicle is in such an operating state, when will its investors recover the cost? Investors have no investment profits. What is the enthusiasm for future investment? It is worth reconsidering whether the current policy of the national policy on the "travel platform" is reasonable.

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The auto market is in the severe winter, and major automakers have used their travel platforms as reservoirs to press a large number of vehicles. Many brands have turned into "grass vehicles" after they have opened their homes. The subsequent situation is even more worrying.

From this perspective, the innovative model of "shared travel, green travel" still has a long way to go.