Dongfeng EX1 PRO debuts today

March 21, 2022

On March 19, Dongfeng EX1 PRO was launched nationwide. At a time when oil prices continue to rise, the launch of the Dongfeng EX1 PRO new energy vehicle provides consumers with new choices. It is understood that the Dongfeng EX1 PRO has launched a total of 7 models, and the low price and high quality meet the needs of most people for new energy scooters.

Dongfeng EX1 PRO is one of the main models of Dongfeng EV in 2022. As a brand strategic model, Dongfeng EX1 has achieved good results in 2021, with domestic orders exceeding 20,000 units and overseas orders exceeding 40,000 units.

Dongfeng EV New Energy is a business unit of Dongfeng Group focusing on small pure electric vehicles, focusing on the electric scooter market. Chen Meng, general manager of Dongfeng EV New Energy, said that Dongfeng EV New Energy is one of the important platforms for Dongfeng Group to promote the implementation of the new energy vehicle strategy, and it is also an important carrier to expand the global small pure electric vehicle market.

Among the seven models launched this time, the Tiger Yao version is particularly eye-catching. It not only continues the high quality of the past, but also incorporates more user-friendly detail improvements.

In terms of battery life, the CLTC comprehensive cruising range of Dongfeng EX1 PRO reaches 321 kilometers, which can meet the needs of users for daily commuting, shopping, picking up children, and surrounding tours. The 26.8kWh battery pack has a low-temperature heating function, which can adapt to the vehicle environment in different regions. Dongfeng EX1 PRO is equipped with a ternary lithium battery, which has high capacity, high energy density (151Wh/kg), high safety (4 layers and 10 layers of battery safety protection design), and long life (8 years or 150,000 battery warranty). km), excellent performance (-35 ℃ extremely cold rechargeable) and so on.

In terms of charging, Dongfeng EX1 PRO has two charging methods, which support fast charging and slow charging. Among them, in the fast charge mode, it only takes 30 minutes for the power to go from 30% to 80%. The charging cost is less than 0.1 yuan per kilometer.

In terms of power, the permanent magnet synchronous motor equipped with Dongfeng EX1 PRO has a maximum power of 33kW and a maximum torque of 125N·m. As a light and pure electric scooter, Dongfeng EX1 PRO performs well in power.

Dongfeng EX1 PRO adopts the highest international ASIL-D safety level standard and 980MPa nuclear submarine grade high-strength steel. This car is a low-priced model, but the whole series is equipped with airbags, child seat fixing devices, child door locks, ABS system and EBD brake force distribution system, etc., giving consumers a sense of security.

Dongfeng EX1 PRO pursues youthful appearance and interior. In terms of appearance, the black and red color scheme is very fashionable. The length, width and height of the car are 3732*1579*1515mm respectively. The design is generous and the front face is designed with a closed grille. The side profile of the car is dynamic; the edges of the windows, hubs and side skirts are all blackened. The red square design creates a two-color body, which is very fashionable; the rear part is uneven, the taillights are round and flexible, and the bumper is designed with silver and red guard plates, which can play a certain anti-scratch effect.

The interior design of Dongfeng EX1 PRO is dominated by retro red and black, and red lines are also used for decoration near the door panels, which increases the atmosphere inside the car. The car is equipped with an 8-inch embedded central control screen, which is easy to operate, and supports GPS navigation system, road information display, Internet of Vehicles, OTA upgrade, etc. In terms of riding space, the wheelbase of the car is 2423mm, the rear seats can be folded as a whole, and the left and right intervals are in place, which fully guarantees the riding space.

It is understood that since the pre-sale of Dongfeng EX1 PRO started on March 8, the order has exce

eded 3,000 units. Among them, Dongfeng Junfeng has orders for 1,000 vehicles from overseas.

We welcome to order this car at home and abroad to make your life more pleasant.