Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 launched

March 29, 2022
Aiming at the B-end market, Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 has achieved 30,000 customer orders when it is launched. This is the first B-class new energy vehicle launched by Dongfeng in 2022. The overseas market will be promoted by Junfeng Motor. This model is sold by Dongfeng Group's Shenlong Factory OEM, brand with Dongfeng "Fukang".

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of Dongfeng's DPCA. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, Dongfeng Fukang, a subsidiary of Shenlong Motors, took the lead in launching this year's blockbuster pure electric new car-Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 on March 28 with the theme of "Inheriting the Classic E and Winning", aiming at the B-end. The new energy market opens a new chapter for Dongfeng Fukang in the field of pure electricity.
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     The press conference was carried out in the form of online live broadcast, attracting the attention of nearly a thousand people. At the press conference, Zhang Zutong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Company and Chairman of Shenlong Automobile, said, "Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 is the first new product of Dongfeng Group to be launched this year, which has opened the launch of new products and new energy transformation of Shenlong in 2022. The prelude to the upgrade is also the prelude to the new generation of Shenlong. From this year, the three major brands of Shenlong Motors: Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Peugeot, and Dongfeng Fukang will successively launch a variety of pure electric products and plug-in hybrid products, constantly enriching them. The layout of new energy products will create a new growth pole for the sustainable development of Shenlong's business."
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From the customer's point of view, it is renewed to create an all-round pure electric car in the B-end market

As we all know, "Fukang" is a car model introduced into China by Shenlong Motors since its establishment in 1992. Over the past 30 years, Fukang has won the favor of China's first-generation car consumers with its excellent handling, durability and fuel economy. Now the Fukang brand has been renewed from the needs of customers in the B-end market. At the press conference, Shenlong Motors invited several car owners to tell their stories from their perspectives.
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As a former loyal user of Fukang, Master Wang is mainly engaged in taxi operation. He said, "I have been driving taxis for almost 30 years. The quality of the car is the most important thing, mainly to drive well, to operate conveniently, and to need high fuel consumption. Low. The car is like a loyal partner to me. When running a taxi, the quality of the car is very important.” In Master Wang’s opinion, the household work must be reliable, looking at the car as if looking at the person, over time See people's hearts. It takes a long time to drive a car to know whether it is good or bad. Quality is the core. Taxi is the best test of the quality of a car. So when choosing a car, he did not hesitate to buy Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408, because he felt that it was a classic pure electric car that allows users to drive safely.
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Master Li, who is engaged in online car-hailing work, is also full of praise for Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408. He said, "I have driven a lot of cars. It used to be a fuel car, but now I have replaced it with an electric car." He admitted that he chose Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408. The reason is that it is very easy to open, easy to use, and easy to save. He thinks that the most important thing is to drive the car-hailing car comfortably, the driver is comfortable, the passengers are also comfortable, and the charging should be convenient and fast.
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Keep up with customer needs, solve customer pain points in car use, and make car use easier

At the press conference, the media, dealer partners and netizens from all over the country witnessed the wonderful debut of this pure electric car, Dongfeng Fukang ES600. The Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 charging version launched this time has two models, namely rental version and online booking version. Customized according to the needs of major customers).

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From now on, customers can buy Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 with as low as 10% down payment and as long as 60 installments and other financial solutions to choose from, which can widely meet the financial needs of car purchases from various channels and various customer groups, allowing customers to easily own a new car. At the same time, in order to further make customers feel more comfortable using the car, Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 also provides a considerate after-sales service policy for the “pain points” of electric vehicles, and promises a 3-year or 120,000-km vehicle warranty for non-operating vehicles. 8-year or 150,000-km warranty for the electric part, 5-year or 500,000-km warranty for the battery part; 1-year or 120,000-km warranty for commercial vehicles, 8 years or 600,000 km for the three batteries including battery cells km warranty. In addition, we provide car owners with 7X24-hour service hotline and rescue nationwide, and provide all car owners with compensation of 200 yuan/day for lost work after 48 hours of normal maintenance overdue, and enjoy the five-heart service of Shenlong Auto when purchasing a car.

Inherit the classics, deliver upon listing, and accelerate the pace of new energy business

At the launch conference site of Dongfeng Fukang ES600 (EV70-408), representatives of several partners signed a strategic purchase agreement on the spot, and jointly reached an order of 30,000 vehicles, which comprehensively accelerated the progress of DPCA in the new energy business. Junfeng Company will assume the overseas sales function and sell to the world.

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At the same time, the delivery ceremony of the first batch of 1,000 Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408s was also held simultaneously in Wuhan. As the "backbone force" of Shenlong Automobile in the layout of the new energy market, Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 will rely on many advantages such as more leading battery life, better space, more economical and practical, and "conscientious car Shenlong", as well as in the continuously upgraded new applications. Car experience and better service, together with the majority of operators, dealers and other partners, to jointly innovate and jointly build a new marketing model and business model under the development trend of the sharing economy.

Inherit the classics and pay tribute to the future. As a brand that is deeply trusted by Chinese consumers, Dongfeng Fukang will further open up a new situation in the electrification market for DPCA, and help DPCA achieve new development in its 30th anniversary. With its 30th anniversary and a new life, Shenlong Motors will continue to focus on customers and launch more new products to meet customer needs, bringing customers a more relaxed and comfortable car life and experience.

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Junfeng Motor is looking for agents at home and abroad to join this model. We believe that in the future, Dongfeng Junfeng's "Fukang" brand will go global.