Dongfeng Fukang new energy vehicles in a large number of use about online car-hailing

October 18, 2021
(Xia Wu, correspondent Li Yuan) On October 15th, the delivery ceremony of the first batch of Dongfeng Fukang EV70 (E S 500) new energy vehicles under Dongfeng Group, DPCA and T3 Travel, was held in Changsha.

The batch delivery of Dongfeng Fukang EV70 (ES500) new energy vehicles marks the official opening of a new chapter in the new energy big customer market of DPCA.As a strategic partner of the vehicle, Junfeng Company provides technical support and domestic and overseas market support, and has been exported to many countries.

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As the new energy model of DPCA to enter the online ride-hailing market for the first time, Dongfeng Fukang EV70 (ES500) has good driving comfort, power supply stability and body safety, which can provide a more carefree car experience for T3 drivers.The car is equipped with CATL battery, German technology electric drive system and advanced technology controller.

At the event site, the relevant person in charge of T3 Travel expressed his trust and recognition of Dongfeng Fukang EV70 (ES500); "Fukang" used to be an excellent independent brand that favored Chinese people for 20 years, and now using international technology + Dongfeng Group technology to make Fukang an excellent new energy brand. We believe that with Dongfeng "Fukang" EV70 (ES500), T3 Travel can achieve the established order goal faster.

As one of the "old three" of cars popular in China at the beginning of the century, Fukang was once the "god car" of a generation of Chinese people.At present, DPCA continues to make efforts in the new energy market, Dongfeng "Fukang" refresh appearance will once again polish the "Fukang" brand, and with the attitude of pure electric vehicles, to help DPCA to achieve better and faster development in the new energy vehicle market.

It is reported that according to the plan of Junfeng Company and DPCA, it will continue to develop new models to meet the market demand, among which the E Elysee 400 and E408 models will be put into the market in the first quarter of 2022, and the continuous layout of the new energy market will serve as an important support for its development.In the future, Junfeng Automobile will take advantage of DPCA to continue to increase its sales at home and abroad in the new energy market.