The domestic e-POWER drive motor was officially put into production

October 15, 2021
On October 14, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. officially announced that after the Nissan professional review panel conducted a careful and rigorous review of the trial-manufacturing status, testing capabilities, and testing frequency during the initial flow of the project’s prototypes before production, a certain Nissan company At the mass production judgment meeting of Dongfeng (Wuhan) Electric Drive System Co., Ltd., the project leader of the vehicle drive motor and controller project Hirata Seizhi announced the formal mass production decision of the first e-POWER drive motor and controller. As a R&D participant, Dongfeng Junfeng participates in the mass production judgment meeting and shares its R&D results.


e-POWER drive motor and controller

   It is inferred that the first model equipped with the e-POWER system, Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy (configuration|inquiry) e-POWER, will be available this month as soon as possible.

Image source: Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

  Electric drive technology is the core component of electric vehicles. This technology is unanimously monopolized by several international companies. Junfeng Motor Company is constantly pursuing technological progress, investing a lot of manpower, powerlessness, and financial resources in research and development to control core components. Participation in Dongfeng Group's electric drive technology is one of them.   The project was restarted in August 2020, and the e-POWER project equipment installation and ET (engineering trial production) commissioning were officially launched on September 29 of that year. On December 8, 24 sets of drive motors and motor controllers passed the judgment of ET parts shipment.

The mass production of the first e-POWER drive motor and controller project signifies that Dongfeng (Wuhan) Electric Drive System Co., Ltd. has completed all stages from planning investment to plant selection, from equipment selection to process development, installation and commissioning. Project trial production, from the establishment of TPM (total production equipment management) system to the construction of the entire operating system

     The successful research and development of this project also standardizes that Dongfeng Junfeng has made a big step forward in the control of the core components of the "three electric" electric vehicles.

At the same time, it also shows that Dongfeng Electric Drive System Co., Ltd. has fully realized the strategic transformation of simultaneously carrying out business and providing important support for Dongfeng Motor Parts (Group) Co., Ltd. to transform and upgrade in the direction of "five modernizations" and move toward the middle and high end of the automotive industry value chain. .