"Dongfeng. Junfeng" new orders after the release of orders continue

April 28, 2019
(This network news) green fat red thin spring farming, win-win situation in the future. In April, Jun Feng was very busy. Participate in the new product launch conference, sign the order, deliver the car to the customer...

As early as the end of April, the "Dongfeng Junfeng" new product launch conference was held in Xiangyang Dongfeng Hotel. The company's sales director Xiong Shihua participated in the conference as a special guest of Dongfeng Co., Ltd. As a former employee of the joint stock company, he returned to the first place after college graduation, and was particularly cordial. The conference showed 13 models of four series of passenger cars, logistics vehicles, special chassis and passenger cars in the "Dongfeng Junfeng" new energy vehicles. After the joint care and expectation of the guests and company leaders, The meeting was a complete success. After the meeting, Xiong always signed several orders.
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As one of the earliest companies engaged in the research and development of electric vehicles in China, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. has been planning the new energy vehicle market since 2005. The company has always implemented the product technology of “pure electric power, supplemented by hybrid power, and fuel cell as a forward-looking”. The route is to build a product layout for the four platforms of passenger cars, logistics vehicles, special vehicles and passenger cars. On the basis of integrating resources and accumulating independent innovation capabilities, the company is guided by the market and user needs, and strives to build a new energy vehicle product platform with full value chain. After more than 10 years of continuous efforts, the current product line is rich, including "Dongfeng Junfeng", "Dongfeng Capt", "Dongfeng Yufeng", "Dongfeng Tianyi" and other vehicle brands, as well as Dongfeng special vehicles and special vehicles, providing customers with high Intelligent logistics solutions with technology, high technology and high service level.

In 2019, Dongfeng's new energy commodities, business policies, financial policies and service support will effectively promote the sales of “Dongfeng.Junfeng” new energy vehicles.
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The company has professional and dedicated research and development strength, and has the first R&D base in China specializing in light commercial vehicles (LCV), which is a commodity research and development institute integrating market research, product planning, product design, production preparation and technology management; The experimental system, each car has undergone a complete stereotype test and 500,000 km of severe road test and multiple rounds of reliability test to fully guarantee the quality of the whole vehicle. On the basis of routine tests, new energy products carry out extreme working conditions tests such as vehicle rollover, deep wading, battery high temperature and electromagnetic compatibility, to ensure product reliability and safety; strong test strength, relying on the largest domestic car Test Site-----Dongfeng Automobile Test Site, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. has unique technological advantages in product development, testing, improvement and upgrading; strong manufacturing capability, and has the most advanced stamping, welding, painting and final assembly in China. The large and complete production position, production equipment and technology represent the most advanced production technology level of light commercial vehicles in China. The company's products cover four series from passenger cars, logistics vehicles, special chassis and passenger cars. The company has a strong after-sales service system. At present, there are 584 service stations with mature new energy maintenance capabilities and qualifications in the customer service center network to ensure the normal operation of new energy vehicles nationwide.

The picture below shows the customer actively signing the order.

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