Zhu Yanfeng - re-recognizing the car!

April 16, 2019
(Editor's note :What is a car?

Once upon a time, it was a two-stroke experimental engine. On this basis, a guy named Karl Benz produced the first three-wheeled car, which was spark-ignited, has a water-cooled cycle, and had a rear-wheel drive... This car is recognized by the world as the first modern The car, which appeared in 1886, was also identified as the first year of the world car.

Once upon a time, it was a T-car belonging to the general public. A manufacturer named Ford Motors has developed the world's first assembly line. Its founder, Henry Ford, believes that there is only one secret to his success – trying to understand people's inner needs, using the best materials, from the best Employees, for the public to create a good car that everyone can afford.

The Pandora's box of the car was opened from then on.

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After a hundred years of ups and downs, what is the car? What is the automotive industry? Is it a means of production, a means of transportation? Is it a machine that changes the world, a machine that changes the shape of society?

The answer to the president and party secretary of the Dongfeng Company, Zhu Yanfeng, is "the more you work, the more you fear." He said that the understanding of the car is constantly sublimating and enriching. "It seems to be a book that can't be written, and new content is constantly being written, and it is constantly being explored."

He likened it to fashion and clothing. "Clothing must absorb the advanced elements of fashion, and fashion must be clothing. It is not a process of denying who and who is replacing it. This is a process of joint exploration and blossoming."

Rooted in the industry for more than 30 years, with the light weight, electric, intelligent, networked and shared blessing, what is the deep thinking of angbility angbility Zhu Yanfeng on re-understanding the automobile and automobile industry? What kind of promotion will this kind of thinking and insight into the development of Dongfeng? The friends may wish to follow the Xiaobian and listen to what he said.)

01 talk about cars

The more you work, the more awe. This topic is quite rich, and it seems that it is always incomplete. What is the car? It seems to always answer. The earliest car concept was production materials and transportation tools, which later became a means of transportation.

Minister Lu Fuyuan (China’s first Minister of Commerce) said that it is more important to pull four people than to pull 4 tons of goods. From the car predecessor Rao Bin (the founder of China's automobile industry) to the director of Geng Zhaojie (formerly FAW Factory Manager), the leaders of Dongfeng Company are now fighting for the car. They are also constantly using practice to answer the question of the car.

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As for me, I am constantly getting to know the car. It was amazing to be the first to contact a car. When the university graduated in the 1980s, reading the book "The Machine for Changing the World", borrowing a sentence from the book, the car not only changed the social form, but also changed life. When I was a kid, I didn’t think about what the car society was. After the formation of the world outlook after college, I began to think about the impact of cars on the world, and cars changed lives.

The highway is a country's blood vessels, and the car is blood. The most impressive thing was that in the 1990s, when I was abroad, I first went to London, just flew out from the UK, and looked down from the air. It was clear at night that the taillights of the cars running on the highways lit up and felt the blood flowing in the blood vessels. It was a A social base full of vitality. After flying to a city behind a backward country, nothing happened.
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This contrast is particularly large and it is very touching to me. I think that cars have something to do with society. Cars are not only a means of transportation but also a social balancer. You find that it does not balance the civilization, balance the wealth, and balance all aspects.

There is an old saying in China that is living and working in peace. In modern society, there is no one to leave the car. When I was working in FAW, a Guangdong customer said that he and the car stayed longer than his wife, which is a reality. So, how do you know about cars? Still sublimating, still developing. But to say the least, it is the most important representative of the advanced production methods of society.

First of all, from the perspective of manufacturing, all advanced production methods are first realized in automobiles, such as assembly line production, flexible production, and intelligent manufacturing.

Secondly, from the perspective of productivity, it has changed from a far-reaching and valuable commodity to a commodity that everyone can enjoy. Mass production has revolutionized the concept of product costs, while at the same time bringing about social balance and equality.

Third, from the perspective of bearing, does it carry only people? No. It carries the most advanced materials technology, as well as IT technology. The car is a network, with chips, integrated structure and distributed control system. Even 20 years ago, there were engine control systems (ECU units), gearbox control systems (TCU units), and vehicle control systems (VCU units). It’s just more integrated now. Through the application of new technologies, it has become the result of human civilization enjoyed by the public.

Fourth, from a humanistic point of view, almost everything in the car: sofas, air conditioners, stereos, refrigerators, as long as you want something, quickly moved to the car, and the car became a mobile home.

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The car is full of artistic style; its front face, back face, side; its sense of coldness, heat, warmth; and its flaws, its movement, its softness, these are all vividly expressed. The things that the car carries are already super rich. We often say that everything is on the mobile phone, and the car is also the same. The car organically integrates the mobile phone and life.

The smart city is also inseparable from the car. The aircraft is the main traffic, the railway is the main traffic, the highway is also the main traffic, and various forms of cars can connect the microscopic angle with the macroscopic angle to connect the capillaries. Therefore, automobiles have a major impact on social and economic development and even social management models.

If there is a positive impact, there will be negative effects, such as the car also brings congestion, noise, accidents, parking, energy consumption and other issues. To overcome these negative effects, we need a new round of technological progress. In the past, cars with property signs are now more intensive and overcome the crowding of modern cities by forming a shared economy. Cars are updated too fast, as a work of art, as a tool, its function will produce different problems when it is distinguished.

Some car products are like fashion, and some car products are like clothing. The output of suits must be the biggest, fashion must be the most eye-catching, the most beautiful. As a clothing, we must absorb the advanced elements of fashion, and constantly integrate into the clothing to become a new clothing boutique. Similarly, to a certain extent, fashion must be garmentized and promoted. This is a process of joint exploration. Can't talk about who has the advantage, who is the disadvantage, who is good, who is not, who denies who, who who replaces. It is a process of blossoming.

02 talk about the automobile industry

It must be viewed in many aspects, including the arts, humanities, social progress and human civilization.

From an industry perspective, its production methods are very different. For example, intelligent manufacturing, such as intensive production, and the integration of individualized elements, have brought a lot of new topics to the car.

From a manufacturing perspective, smart manufacturing, for example, may attract users to participate in car design in the future. (Design) may be his personal thoughts, or it may be the idea of integration in the standard library, which must be a challenge for future car manufacturing.

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From an application point of view, everyone is proposing a line of services. Travel services are varied and varied, and each has its own needs. This complex scene, combined with urban traffic and urban functions, will generate a lot of new requirements. Can automotive products satisfy this mode of travel? This is one aspect.

On the other hand, some people may think, I usually go to work, I hope to open a car that is convenient and energy-saving, as long as it is fast, quiet, and good stop. On weekends, families may need another model to pick up and drop off passengers and need a more off-road utility vehicle.

But customers can't buy so many cars. He wants an investment, applies different scenarios, and has multiple functions. How do car manufacturers meet customer needs? This is another industrial development model. Then there are many ways, such as renting, cars can have many features like Transformers.

Some time ago, I went back to my alma mater (Zhejiang University) and listened to an old gentleman. In the past, from the scientific and academic perspectives, I don’t think I can get it. What do you mean? Due to computational tool problems, processing verification problems, many ideas can only be fantasized, and the tools, tool environments, or equipment environments cannot keep up. But now, this situation has changed a lot, and it has become fearless that it will not be impossible.
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Coupled with the virtual reality, the past virtual reality is a kind of split, the virtual is virtual, the real is real, and now there is some ambiguity between virtual and reality, this state is called the third generation, neither virtual, It is not real. In this situation, various environmental capabilities can make our ideas a reality.

Cars are used in large quantities during this process. The biggest feature of a car is its size. Like a mobile phone, everyone has it. The scale has made unimaginable changes in the cost of technology, and many distant high-tech, or undesired wishes and expectations have become elusive.

The scale of the car is not only in terms of quantity, but also brings about qualitative changes, which can be applied to everyone, and everyone is equal after application. In the past, not everyone can have a car, including many super luxury cars, not everyone. Before the reform and opening up, can we imagine that we have a car?

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But now the car society has been established, not only built in the city, but also built in the vast rural areas. I met a colleague two days ago and he was going to brush the slogan in the countryside. He said that the best way to advertise in the countryside is to paint the wall, which shows that the car has penetrated into the most common rural areas. The automobile society plays a role in promoting the national economy, the dissemination of modern civilization, and the realization of various social functions.

The network is now faster. In fact, people have been pursuing speed, from tangible to intangible. The car is a high-speed rail. The high-speed railway is not enough for 100 kilometers. It refers to 200 kilometers, 300 kilometers and 350 kilometers. It is still going up. The high-speed rail is going up. It is an airplane. What if it is not enough? 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G networks, the speed of operation from the number of times per second to hundreds of millions of times. Taken together is to enlarge the life cycle.

Why do modern people have more happiness and more pursuits? In the same decade, the society with informationization and non-information has different life efficiency, effect and perception. In the same decade, there are car radii and no car radii, car efficiency and experience, and the efficiency and experience of no car is completely different. If information is an experience, then this may be a combination of virtual and reality.

Therefore, to accurately describe the automobile industry, I feel that it is awe, and the understanding is constantly enriched. It seems to be a book that can't be written, and new content is constantly being written, and it is constantly being explored. The old car is a traditional industry. In fact, this industry carries too many new things, and many ideas are realized under the industrial scale. Bringing new technologies to maturity and scale, cars are the industry that plays the most important role.

This is the automotive industry I understand.

03 talk about the prospects of the automotive industry

I am optimistic about the car situation. This optimism is not the growth of market sales, sales have been growing, reaching 28 million in 2018, even if there is room, according to economic development, business model changes, efficiency increases, one day the total demand of the automobile market will grow to the society Development balance.

This time may come earlier than we expected, maybe at the right time, but it will come sooner or later, and it will be early to adjust early. The car prospects can never be summed up in infinite increments. Just like in developed countries in Europe and America, when the economy develops to a certain extent, sales are there.

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I remember the first time I went to the United States in 1986, sitting on a lawn in Detroit. Not far from the airport, in less than a minute, there was a plane taking off and landing. At that time, I saw a brand with more than 10 million vehicles. This is the production and sales volume of cars in the United States at that time. This number is changing every day. At that time, I thought, when will China develop into this model? What should we do with the car?

Until now, the United States is still like this. After 40 years of reform and opening up, China has become accustomed to 10 million digital figures, and there is no excitement. Therefore, the development prospects of China's automobile industry will never be measured by the growth of quantity. It is closely integrated with social development and is constantly undergoing structural adjustment. The next step is lightweighting and new energy.

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A deeper understanding of the automotive industry continues to advance with the development of society. This industry is the carrying platform for the advanced productive forces of society and the integration of the achievements of advanced social civilization. Therefore, it is lightweight, motorized, intelligent, networked, and shared. Then there is no more? I believe that there will be new changes in the future.

The automotive industry is advancing in new technology integration applications. The platform is based on the 30 million vehicles, and the current holding capacity is more than 200 million. If social development is balanced with population and geography, and the most scientific match with road space, with 300 million vehicles and 10% constant update, the economic development may be more than 30 million, and the economic development may be less than 30 million. This is precisely the development form that cars should have.

The key is how to divide this form, how to grasp, this is the car manufacturer's business. I remember when the IT bubble in 2000, some people said that the car is a traditional industry, no way. As a result, the car has not been foaming and has been growing steadily because of the integration of various technological achievements on the platform.

Think about it, the things carried in the car, the air conditioning is very good, now need to save energy, need no noise, need to be warmer. After the smog, add the sputum system. The seat should be able to massage, heat in winter, air conditioning in summer, and breeze in the seat. The rearview mirror is not functional enough, plus a driving recorder. Now there is the cloud, and it comes out again.

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The next step is to drive automatically, technically far ahead of regulations and acceptable habits. There is also hydrogen fuel. If it becomes a society that adopts new technologies, major changes will occur. In the next 10, 15 and 20 years, the trend is clear.

Therefore, the automotive industry is very promising, but it is not the development of the industry, and companies must enjoy it. How to grasp the enterprise, how to keep up, how to let the management, ability and concept of the enterprise follow the development, this is the task of the business operator.