Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. passenger car expansion project laid a foundation in Wuhan

December 19, 2018
(This website Wuhan news) On the 18th, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. passenger car expansion project held a groundbreaking ceremony in Wuhan. Two years later, Wuhan will add another passenger car factory.

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The project is located in the Phoenix Industrial Park of Wuhan Development Zone (Hannan District) with a total investment of 9.85 billion yuan. It is planned to start in January 2019 and be completed in September 2020. After completion, the capacity will reach 300,000. After the completion of the new plant, it will continue to invest in internationally competitive products including cars, SUVs, and new energy vehicles, equipped with the latest product technologies, including advanced three-electric system technology (high energy density battery system, intelligent thermal management system). , highly integrated electric drive system), leading vehicle networking technology, advanced active safety and automatic driving technology, e-power hybrid technology, lightweight technology.

The new factory has advanced technological solutions, in the aspects of green environmental protection, energy saving, automation level, intelligent technology application, quality standards, etc., benchmarking the global benchmark factory; using processes and equipment that meet strict environmental protection and advanced energy-saving requirements, including sewage back Use, VOCs low emission, water-based coating process, energy monitoring, etc.; introduce advanced lightweight manufacturing processes, including aluminum stamping and welding technology, high-strength automatic welding manufacturing process; use IoT technology to build systematic information management The system establishes an intelligent manufacturing platform to lay the foundation for the realization of smart factories in the future.

It is understood that the Dongfeng company passenger car expansion project was established on July 13 this year, officially signed on August 20, and then laid the foundation on December 18, from the establishment of the project to the foundation of the foundation for five months to create a Chinese automotive industry New record.

Dongfeng Company Chairman and Party Secretary Qi Yanfeng said that the Dongfeng Company's passenger car expansion project is an important achievement of years of friendly cooperation between Hubei, Wuhan, Wuhan Development Zone and Dongfeng Company. It is an important part of Dongfeng's future development. Strategic deployment. The completion and commissioning of the project is of great significance for Dongfeng Company to optimize resource allocation and improve the industrial layout in Hubei. It is of great significance for Dongfeng to improve the manufacturing capacity of passenger vehicles, promote brand up, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and enhance core capabilities.

According to reports, the output value of the automobile and parts industry in Wuhan this year is expected to reach 400 billion yuan, and the output of automobiles is about 1.7 million. With the establishment of the Dongfeng Company's passenger car expansion project, in the 100 square kilometers southwest of Wuhan, there are densely distributed five main vehicle companies, including Dongfeng Honda, SAIC-GM, Shenlong, Dongfeng Renault and Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles, and more than 10 vehicles. With the car factory and more than 500 auto parts companies, the automotive industry is extremely rare in the world.