Junfeng company leaders visited AoYou Battery to study

December 23, 2018
Guangzhou News: On December 19-20, the company's chairman Xiang Kaiyong and Wang Jiandong and other technical experts to visit Guangzhou Zhaoqing Youyou Power Company. The two sides discussed the development of new energy automobile industry, the utilization of power battery, and the innovation of business model. The opportunities and spaces for the extension of the value chain have been extensively and in-depth.
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       Xie Dan, Vice President of “Yinxin Holding Group”, and Mr. Wang Shuowen, President of New Energy Industry Development Company, and the relevant leaders, and the Deputy Director of Guangzhou New Energy Industry Alliance Executive Committee, Tongxin Lei, Dongfeng Heshan New Energy Wu Jiemin, general manager of the technology company, participated in the exchange.
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       Yuyou Group was founded in November 2016 and is affiliated to Zhejiang Zhixin Holding Group. The company now has two production bases in Huzhou and Zhaoqing, with more than 2,500 employees and total assets of nearly 2.8 billion yuan. As a new force in the new energy industry, the company insists on innovation and service. The company uses advanced international standards for dust-free purification production configuration, and introduces world-class automated battery production and PACK assembly and inspection lines. The company adheres to the business philosophy of development, cooperation and responsibility. It is committed to researching and producing high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe and long-lasting electric vehicle power and energy storage batteries to provide customers with safe, efficient and durable overall green. Energy solutions. The pursuit of integrity, perseverance and efficiency, breakthrough innovation, and continuous transcendence are the essence of the creation of the world, and the driving force for Yuyou. At the beginning of its founding, Yuyou Power created two new energy battery products and materials research institutes in Huzhou and Zhaoqing. The institute will gather talents in professional fields and strive to deepen the technical bottlenecks existing in new energy power batteries and energy storage batteries. Research is to promote the industrialization speed of new technologies and new products and promote the development of the industry. The excellent team has excellent battery system development, battery system manufacturing and battery system after-sales service capabilities. It is a leading service team for system integration, structural design and simulation, thermal management, and BMS electrical system professional solutions.
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      The two sides believe that the new energy industry is a sunrise industry encouraged by the state. After several years of development, it has a certain foundation and commercial operation environment. In the future, the new energy industry will develop rapidly under the guidance of the national industrial policy, and all parties involved should coordinate effectively, open up all links of the industrial chain, and strive to find a breakthrough in the industry. In this way, all parties to the cooperation can thrive in the new business. The two sides conducted extensive discussions on the direction of future cooperation, cooperation steps and cooperation content. (Xia Wu)