Dongfeng "negative pressure ambulance" goes abroad

July 8, 2021
Recently, five Dongfeng Junfeng negative pressure ambulances assisted by the Chinese government and the Cambodian government passed the inspection and drove to the front line of Cambodia's fight against the epidemic.

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This year, Junfeng's export situation has been very good, and it has seized the opportunity in overseas markets.

The Cambodian epidemic situation is severe, and Dongfeng Company was commissioned by the Chinese government to urgently produce the batch of Dongfeng Junfeng negative pressure ambulances. Dongfeng Junfeng received the task, quickly coordinated resources and manpower, and completed the production and delivery of the batch of vehicles in the fastest time and with the best quality.

Having been deeply involved in the medical rescue industry for many years, Dongfeng Junfeng has become a national choice with its outstanding quality. Dongfeng Junfeng negative pressure ambulance is mainly used for the rescue of critical patients and infectious diseases and other special diseases. The negative pressure can discharge the air in the car after harmless treatment to avoid more people from infection. When treating and transferring patients with special diseases such as infectious diseases, it can minimize the chance of cross-infection of medical staff. Dongfeng Junfeng Negative Pressure Ambulance can provide up to 20 hours of oxygen for long-distance transportation. The sufficient on-board power supply can support the operation of ventilator, aspirator, micro pump, and defibrillator monitor without affecting the normal driving of the vehicle. Ample platform space can place a large number of monitoring equipment, which is the "strongest armor" and "strongest mask" for medical workers.

Welcome overseas friends to pay attention to this model, you can receive customization! Of course, he is a fuel car.