Dongfeng's three independent new energy vehicle models have won industry awards

November 6, 2023
Latest company news about Dongfeng's three independent new energy vehicle models have won industry awards

Dongfeng Technology's innovation strength has been certified by the industry again. On October 31st, the 2023 China Automotive Safety Conference and Pioneer Conference, hosted by the China Automotive Technology Research Center, was held in Suzhou. In the award ceremony of the opening ceremony, three new energy models from Dongfeng won industry awards: the Dongfeng e π 007 and VOYAH Chasing the light PHEV (plug-in hybrid) won the "2023 China Top 10 Car Body" award, and the Mhero 917 won the "2023 China Top 10 Chassis" award. The Mhero 917 also won two awards, "Best Off Road Vehicle" and "2023 China Automotive Ultimate Safety Summit Challenge".

latest company news about Dongfeng's three independent new energy vehicle models have won industry awards  0

The Dongfeng e π 007 is built based on the Dongfeng Quantum architecture, with the body designed according to the C-NCAP five-star safety standard and achieving its goals. It adopts a cage type ultra-high strength structure, with ultra-high strength steel accounting for 71.5% and hot formed steel accounting for 20.3%, both of which are industry-leading levels. On the basis of ensuring safety, e π 007 balances vehicle performance and weight, and uses advanced processes such as high-strength and tough thin coating hot forming laser welding door rings. In terms of lightweight, it reaches the industry's leading level of steel body, and the vehicle's energy consumption level is at the same level. Adhering to the principle of green and low-carbon, the proportion of recyclable steel used in the e π 007 white body reaches 20%, and the low wind resistance performance design makes the vehicle's wind resistance coefficient reach the top level in the industry.

The VOYAH Chasing the light PHEV adopts a 2000MPa integrated thermal forming laser welded door ring and a 2000MPa aluminum silicon coated door collision beam, which is currently the highest strength material used in mass-produced vehicles worldwide. The key areas around the passengers are made of ultra-high strength steel, with high-strength steel and aluminum alloy accounting for over 77% and hot vehicle steel accounting for 27.3%. The static torsional stiffness of the vehicle body is extremely high, which can ensure the safety of passengers in various extreme collision environments. At the same time, the car provides the highest level of safety protection for all four seats in the front and rear rows. In terms of vehicle body safety standards, Landu Chasing PHEV conducts product development against the three major safety standards of China, the United States, and Europe, while meeting the C-NCAP five-star standard of China Automotive Center, China Insurance Research MGGG, and North American C-IASI GOOD evaluation standards. Its battery pack structure safety is also at the top level in the industry.

The Mhero 917 is the first model of the Mhero Intelligent Off Road Architecture M TECH, which adopts a non load-bearing body structure and has a high-strength steel coverage rate of over 85% on the frame. It is equipped with a multi-level intelligent adjustable air suspension that can support 5-speed adjustment and a 150mm wide range of suspension height adjustment. With the support of advanced technologies such as VMC chassis dynamic domain control and AKC rear wheel wire steering, the Mhero 917 has a minimum turning radius of only 5.1 meters and supports "crab like" lateral driving, bringing users a luxurious electric off-road experience.

The selection of China's top ten car bodies and chassis is a domestic top-level car body and chassis selection activity jointly created by the China Automotive Technology Research Center, industry authoritative institutions, universities and other technical forces. The participating models cover mainstream brands and hot models in the domestic automotive market.