Junfeng Attending the 6th China International Import Expo

November 9, 2023
Latest company news about Junfeng Attending the 6th China International Import Expo

The 6th China International Import Expo opened in Shanghai, and Dongfeng Group presented the latest technology, new energy vehicles and power technology, intelligent and autonomous driving technology at the Expo. Junfeng Company participated in the exhibition and showcased new energy vehicle technology and business models with Dongfeng Group.

As a platform for the exchange and exhibition of Chinese and foreign enterprises and a window for China's opening up to the outside world, this year's CIIE attracted more than 3400 enterprises from 128 countries and regions to participate in the enterprise exhibition. The number of participating companies of Fortune 500, industry leading enterprises, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises is the highest in history. Embracing the opportunity of openness, Junfeng Company's new energy vehicles with long endurance, fast charging, and complete intelligent driving functions have won recognition and praise from participating customers.

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At the Expo site, the Hubei exhibition area promoted models such as the Mhero 917, Voyah Dreamer, Dongfeng Lingdu PLUS, and Dongfeng Peugeot 4008. Honda and Nissan Dongfeng collaborated, and new vehicles from Dongfeng Honda's new CIMIC TYPE Dongfeng Nissan Venucia V DDi ultra hybrid, Dongfeng Nissan ARIYA, Dongfeng Nissan ultra hybrid electric drive X-Trail, and Junfeng appeared in the automotive exhibition area.

Junfeng Company fully utilizes the global platform of the CIIE to carry out cooperation in products, technology, and other fields. At this CIIE, Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Honda Engine Co., Ltd., and Wuhan Junfeng Motor Co., Ltd. will sign purchase intent letters with their partners.

It is reported that in order to welcome this year's CIIE, Junfeng Company has launched various preparatory work for participation in advance, and organized and mobilized participation from multiple directions and levels. In the preparation stage, Junfeng Company actively analyzes exhibitors and their main products, combines with the company's strategic needs, actively connects, carries out technical exchanges, consolidates resources, deepens international cooperation, and is committed to utilizing the CIIE platform and both international and domestic markets and resources to promote the improvement of business quality.