Dongfeng will launch 85 new energy vehicles by 2025.

January 13, 2019

Xinhua Beijing, Jan. 12: on January 11-13, the China Electric vehicle Centurion Forum (2019) was held in Beijing on the theme of "Automobile Revolution and Transportation, Energy, and Urban Synergy Development". On the 12th of the automobile revolution and transportation, energy, urban coordinated development (plenary meeting), Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd. standing committee, deputy general manager Youzheng delivered a keynote speech at the forum.

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Changes in the auto market, advances in automotive technology, and improved policies and regulations are driving industry change, said Youzheng. At the same time, the requirements of intelligent energy, intelligent transportation, intelligent city management and other new development requirements are also profoundly affecting the transformation of the automobile industry, which is mainly reflected in the industrial form and the profound adjustment of the competition pattern.

 "the development of technology is also building a new industrial form, mainly reflected in the convergence of intelligence, electric power, network connection, and sharing. In the near future, intelligence is mainly based on scene applications and will be developed towards autonomous driving and intelligent transportation in the future."

 "Electro-electric technologies will coexist in a number of ways, such as pure electric technology, plug-in hybrid power, fuel cells, and hybrid power," said Youzheng.

Youzheng stressed that with the continuous influx of auto industry participants, traditional automobile enterprises, parts and components enterprises, new car manufacturing forces, new technology providers, travel service providers, and other market players are all involved in effectively developing industrial integration. The ability of value chain integration, so the whole vehicle enterprises need to build a direct customer-oriented platform, data will become the core assets of the enterprise. Facing the profound transformation of the industry, Dongfeng as a traditional automobile manufacturer transformation and upgrading is imminent.

 "our product layout is smart cars, and service is smart travel," said Youzheng. In the intelligent car layout, we focus on the promotion of electric vehicles, speed up the development of electric vehicles, active layout of autonomous driving, network car, planning and development of intelligent cockpit business. "in terms of intelligent travel, we have already started the layout of travel services and will promote digital innovation services, build digital innovation platforms, and create ecological service circles."

 According to Youzheng, Dongfeng is actively promoting the layout of self-driving cars. In the commercial vehicle field, the commercial operation vehicles of 2B will adopt a leapfrog type, which will develop directly to the L4 level, and passenger cars will adopt a gradual model, and in 2020, they will reach L3 level and master the L4 technology. Reached L 4 in 2022 and L 5 in 2025.

In travel business, Dongfeng has constructed Dongfeng Go, easy to enjoy, friends travel, T3 travel and other platforms. At the same time, Dongfeng is working with Wuhan Xiangyang, Shiyan and other cities to build intelligent city traffic construction, in which Xiangyang government and Xiangyang government are working together to build an intelligent transportation demonstration area in Xiangyang. According to Youzheng, Dongfeng's sales of pure electric vehicles reached about 70, 000 units in 2018, with pure electric passenger cars growing by 220. In the future, Dongfeng will continue to expand the distribution of its range of products, with 85 new energy models planned by 2025, which will take full advantage of Dongfeng's latest technology research and development results in intelligent networking.

Youzheng said that building a new car ecology in the future needs to strengthen strategic cooperation. Dongfeng has already established a partnership with the vast number of auto companies, Internet companies, science and technology enterprises, and local governments.

In the future, Dongfeng will continue to adhere to the concept of win-win development, in the electric, intelligent, network, sharing and other areas of in-depth cooperation, cross-border cooperation and government cooperation, to jointly promote industrial change, To make due contribution to building a powerful automobile country.