Junfeng car will take wings on the platform of "China enterprise cloud"

January 14, 2019

--"China Cloud Technology" will join hands with "Junfeng automobile" to open up new energy vehicle business


Wuhan, December 12 (Xinhua) on the 12th, the chairman of the company, Xiang Kaiyong, received a visit from Tu Jianping, chairman of "China Cloud Technology Co., Ltd" to Junfeng Automobile Co., Ltd in Wuhan Economic and technological Development Zone. The two sides extensively discussed the development of new energy vehicles in the future, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the back-end operation and information and financial cooperation of new energy vehicles.

"China Cloud Technology Co., Ltd " a Chinese enterprise, is an enterprise under mixed ownership with the approval of the SASAC of the State Council, initiated by the China Iron and Steel Organization and jointly set up by the Central Enterprise, which has been approved and registered by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. Is a stock-holding company large-scale collection of e-commerce platform project implementation of the main body. "China enterprise cloud business", build the electronic commerce platform of centralized purchasing of central enterprise commodities, is the enterprise cloud business company actively respond to the national "Internet" strategy, committed to promoting the central enterprise commodities to achieve Sunshine procurement, New measures to guide the healthy development of modern circulation and productive service industries. In recent years, the company takes advantage of its advantages to develop railway logistics, supply chain finance, supply chain data and information, new energy vehicle business, distribution of the whole country and the world.


"Dongfeng. Junfeng "new energy vehicles will rely on Dongfeng Motor Company's strong development and manufacturing platform, after-sales service system, provide intelligent, scientific and technological, fashion, safe new energy vehicles, its performance-to-price ratio has a strong competitiveness;“Cloud payment”, created by "China Cloud Technology, will support Junfeng's supply chain and will promote “Dongfeng Junfeng's”new energy vehicle development, industrialization, and business model innovation; the new energy business sector of "China Cloud Technology can effectively integrate the R & D and marketing of Junfeng Automobile, and at the same time, its own superior resources can provide a broad market for Junfeng Automobile. The two sides hand-in-hand, will effectively promote the rapid development of Junfeng automobile, for their respective career layout to add a heavy color. (XiaWu)